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Product ratings and tailored recommendations based on past purchases are the two email innovations consumers say they are most interested in, according to recent research from EmailMonday and Zettasphere.

The Email Addiction Report was based on data from a survey of 417 consumers, most of whom live in North America.

Some 38% of respondents say they would be interested in seeing ratings for products featured in brand emails, and 35% say they would be interested in seeing brand emails that include products/offers based on their past purchases.

Some 36% of respondents say they want to receive weekly email offers from brands they buy from, and 22% say they want to receive offers monthly.

Some 37% of respondents say they don't unsubscribe from brand emails that they mostly ignore, because sometimes the offers in messages interest them; some 24% don't unsubscribe because they think they might shop the brand again.

About the research: The report was based on data from a survey of 417 consumers, most of whom live in North America.

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