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Super Bowl XLVII could be called the "Super Bowl of the Third Screen." Viewers turned to their laptops, smartphones, and tablets to comment via social media on everything related to the game, from the much-touted advertisements to the half-time show to the blackout to the calls on the field.

To help make sense of all the social media buzz during the Super Bowl, we're sharing the "Social Super Bowl" infographic from ExactTarget and "The Social Super Bowl Ad Brawl" infographic from Whispr Group.

Curiously, the biggest social media buzz wasn't about the game itself but about a break in the game. During the third-quarter power outage (#blackoutbowl), Twitter whirred with 231,500 tweets per minute.

The most popular tweet was apparently the prediction that the 49s would win the game. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on which team you rooted for), the prediction was wrong.

So, which team benefited most from social media during the Super Bowl? The Baltimore Ravens. The team received 19,860 Facebook likes and added 12,711 Twitter followers. Meanwhile, the San Francisco 49ers received 11,738 Facebook likes and added 7,927 Twitter followers.

As expected, viewers also focused on the commercials throughout the game. According to Whispr Group, for every 7 tweets about the game there were 2 tweets about the ads.

And what were folks saying about the ads? Tide had the highest positive sentiment; GoDaddy had the lowest.

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