Though some marketers think social amplification is just another form of advertising, it's actually a very useful tool for your marketing strategy.

Social amplification enables brands to amplify the reach of organic content and grow a community of loyal customers and brand advocates. It also helps brands reach the right audience through the targeting of social networks.

Want to learn more about paid social amplification and what it can do for your brand?

Here are some things you should know:

1. Social amplification allows you to reach the right niche

Advanced targeting allows marketers to learn more about the demographics of their audience and discover their interests. By learning this information, marketers can create a stronger social strategy that reaches the right customers.

2. Create owned media tailored to your audience

If you want to reach the right niche through social amplification, then you need to create owned media. Owned media is content such as videos and blog posts that provide value for your customers.

Once you have owned media for your audience, share it via social media, emails, and blogs. When you share your content, make sure it's tailored for the right platform, too.

3. Amplify your strategy with paid social ads

After you've found your audience and developed content for your customers, it's essential to use paid social ads to get the word out about your brand.

Nearly every social platform offers some type of social advertising. For example, brands can create promoted tweets on Twitter and promote content on Google+ with Post Ads.

4. Gain exposure through earned media

Finally, attract media by gaining the attention of influencers and bloggers in your industry. By creating brand awareness and improving your brand's visibility through social ads, you'll receive more media coverage and earn higher placements on higher-ranked sites.

By using paid social amplification as a part of your social media strategy, you'll be able to create more success for your brand. To learn more about the power of paid social amplification, check out the infographic by Gryffin Media.

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Jennifer Landry is a freelance writer and experienced social media journalist residing in Malibu, California.

Twitter: @jkalandry