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Yesterday we highlighted an infographic by Izea that mapped out how to target your Twitter ads, and today the influencer marketing platform offers a similar guide for targeting Facebook and Instagram ads.

The infographic starts off with a few statistics that show just how powerful ad targeting on the social media platforms can be.

For instance, in just one month, 120 million Instagrammers got in touch with a business as a result of an ad. The infographic also claims that Facebook ad reach is 89% accurate, compared with 38% reach accuracy for other online ads. 

So let's get started: How can you target ads on Facebook and Twitter? The infographic explains six ways:

  1. Location: You can go beyond just home or work ZIP code: Target people who have recently visited a location or plan to visit a location.
  2. Demographics: This category covers everything from the basics (such as age, gender, and language) to the more advanced (such as politics, parenting status, relationship length, and education level).
  3. Behaviors: This category combines online behavior info based on actions taken on Facebook and Instagram with offline behavior data from trusted partners.
  4. Interests: From entertainment to shopping, you can target people based on information in their profiles as well as pages and posts that they like.
  5. Life events: Target an audience by birthday, home purchase, birth of a baby, and more.
  6. Customized audience: Find and target people who have similar interests to your target audience, who have visited your website, or who are in a specified contact list.

To learn how to make your Facebook and Instagram ads as targeted as possible, check out the infographic. Just tap or click to see a larger version. 


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Laura Forer is a freelance writer, email and content strategist, and crossword puzzle enthusiast. She's an assistant editor at MarketingProfs, where she manages infographic submissions, among other things.

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