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This week's 'Skim: what Facebook's new war on "engagement bait" means for you; what name Amazon just trademarked, and why YouTube should be worried; Snapchat's the only app that teens would take if deserted on an island (which come in second and third?); Twitter's new business-friendly features make direct messaging more personal (and it ends year on a Wall Street high note, sorta); Snapchat lets brands and users make their own Lenses; AOL Instant Messenger's role in making social media what it is today; 2018 marketing predictions from LinkedIn's VP of marketing; and much more...

Skim to end the year strong!

1. Facebook announces clampdown on posts that beg for engagement

These days, it can sometimes feel like every other post on Facebook is something along the lines of "Tag a friend and say nothing" or "Tag a friend, and if they don't respond within ten minutes, they have to buy you Chick-fil-A." Well, the social network is now hoping to stop that nonsense.

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Christian Neri is a digital marketing professional in the film & television industry, and a contributor to MarketingProfs. An American expat in Paris, he recently completed his MS in digital marketing at IÉSEG School of Management.

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