By now we know that marketers are often storytellers, finding success in connecting with customers and prospects rather than directly selling to them.

That type of messaging takes on a whole new meaning when we look to social media, since many platforms are literally set up for, well, stories. Snapchat first introduced Snapchat Stories in 2013, and since then we've witnessed the rise Instagram Stories, Medium Series, YouTube Reels, and more.

As a marketer, you have choices in where you tell your brand's stories. Taking a look at where your audience hangs out is the first step.

The following infographic, compiled by story-experience producer Fastory, shows social media story preferences by age group (Snapchat, although the pioneer, is not always the clear winner.)

For more on how stories can help your brand and which social platforms you might want to explore, check out the graphic.

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image of Laura Forer

Laura Forer is a freelance writer, email and content strategist, and crossword puzzle enthusiast. She's an assistant editor at MarketingProfs, where she manages infographic submissions, among other things.