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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Name For Property & Casualty Insurance Agency

Posted by Anonymous on 2530 Points
I need some help here!

I wanted to ask all the creative people on board for your input about an agency name. I am going to be an independent insurance agent and open my own business as of June 1. For the past few months, I have been toying with many different names and getting input from others.

In trying to name my Insurance agency, I'm looking for emotional connections, long term relationships, meaningful words, buzz words, fun words. I'm looking for a purple cow...something that is different and catchy. It seems that people are wanting to have something they can relate to that gives them meaning in life. Also trying to be their trusted advisor. emphasizing serenity, tranquility, joy, happiness, fulfilled...the list goes on and on!!

How about some of these names. I need some help with right brain creativity....A Whole New Mind!!!
Guardian, Guardian Select, Guardian Direct, Guardian Plus
Guardian of the _________________
Alliance or NuAlliance
Affinity Choice
Epic (Everyones Personal Insurance Center)
New Evolution
CYA (Cover your assets)
Insurance Matters
Moogo- my kids favorite
Slimm- another of kids favorite.

Don't forget, I will be representing 5-6 different Insurance Companies and will be partnering with them all the way to promote their products. Since I will be giving people choices to pick from representing different insurance companies to get them the best price, I am focusing on quality customer service and will provide many choices offered that fits into everyone lifestyle. Tag lines could be, "covering your assets," "we got you covered," or something to do with partnership, customer service or ?

If ANYONE happens to come up with any names or ideas , please let me know. Or let me know what you think of the names mentioned.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks, Mike

  • Posted by NovaHammer on Accepted
    Butlers are also known as householder managers.

    Ranking above the butler, the Majordomo is responsible for all managerial and financial affairs concerning his employer's households.

    Batman's Alfred and Jeeves are two famous butlers before that Mr French or how about Kato of Green Hornet and Pink Panther stories; manservants protecting against evil while also doing the mundane!

    Several theme ideas here for ads with the Company slogan or punchline after disasters were covered, avoided or conquered could be ..... The Butler did it!

    Hope this helps, TTFN.
  • Posted on Accepted
    I like new evolution....
    Sounds strong, scientific, and with all the chevy r-evolution ads running it has a familar ring.

    Frank Hurtte
  • Posted on Accepted

    "Peace of Mind Insurers" PMI
    Anything, anywhere, anytime, peace of mins is our credo
    "The Insurance Tailors"
    Whatever your need, we serve you in insurance
    "Freedom Insurers"
    Your freedom is our credo, our work, our duty"
    "The Caring Insirance Broker"
    We do full service insurance to give you peace of mind"
    "Emerge New Evolution"
    The insurance brokers, catering for all your needs
    "Lifestyle Insurers"
    Great Service! For Great People! By A Great Broker!
    Mike is there for you!

  • Posted on Accepted
    Hi Mike..:),

    Well my idea would be to name the company as
    "CARESS" with tagline "Care Less. Reap More!"

  • Posted on Accepted
    Tailormade insurance - just for you
  • Posted by NovaHammer on Member
    Butler/Majordomo character could be associated with your Guardian names.

    Butler serves up best choice of all the Insurance options on silver tray after street fight off screen for your business. Very dignified but very disheveled.

    Print ad, DVD CD power point, business card theme very recognizable with butler SILHOUETTE/LOGO etc. ....

    Foreign accent voice over for Radio also seems to support character of unflappable butler role.

    Your home is your castle mentality understated here also with this theme that you treat them to the best around the clock.

    "The Butler did it" well worn phrase but out of context here, which is good. ... should be memorable hook for velvet fist approach implying we work it out and deliver personal service with lots of TLC.

    Hope that clears up my thoughts for you.

  • Posted on Member
    Here is what New Evolution means to me:
    Strong - because its new
    Better - because it is evolving
    Conservative - Evolution not Revolution
    good for the future - evolution is ongoing

    Tag Line might be
    New Evolution Insurance
    ..... leading edge service.. old time values

    Good Luck
    Frank Hurtte
  • Posted by browncatfan on Accepted

    This is quite interesting. Be careful about being too pretentious or "new age" with the name. You understand the reasoning, but it has to link with things people are prepared to believe an insurance agent can provide, or you'll get eye-rolls and disconnects.

    I, your prospect, want enough coverage, priced fairly, without feeling like a walking sales opportunity. From an independent agent in particular, I think the benefit is objectivity. I think the most I'm prepared to believe I can get out of the relationship are things like:

    Clarity (you'll help me understand any tough parts)

    Comfort (as in peace of mind, and in dealing with YOU)

    Good Counsel (trust in getting the best, but only what I need)

    Directions (Objectively steering me through it.)

    I'd start here name-wise. Naturally, you want to be different, and maybe you can start with those words and get more "arty" branching off from them.

    Tag line, or at least a good copy line for frequent use:

    "Independent. So I'm not THEIR agent, I'm YOURS."
  • Posted by NovaHammer on Member
    Since The Butler who was 'at your service' didn't grab you, try this.

    Soma; The main body of a neuron. Computationally, it acts approximately like a linear threshold filter.

    You will be filtering input n'est pas? Your office will be the clients main body with access to all 'data/sensations' and selecting what serves them best?

    Also I must include a potential off beat use of SOMA from a Brave New World by Huxley. Be aware it is also thought of as ... Pleasant drug with no hangover... you wanted Comfort!

    Almost a mantra sound quality to it when said aloud.

    Strategic Objective Moogoo Association .... or whatever you want.

    SOMA; Mission Control for left & right brained people!
    SOMA, The Reassurance Company.

    You could even ask clients what the SOMA initials mean to them. Create a graffiti office board, newsleter or t-shirt or something contest with them a la Buckley's.

    Buckleys terrible taste cough medicine ads are more about the clients responses, each different but successful with the help of their product.

    I never spent this much time thinking about my own Insurance needs, maybe the public input thingy could work to your advantage also with regular prizes for creativity ... even reading about the winners answers would bring your name back out front!

    Burma Shave had miles of participation fun similar to this years ago in the 50's.

    Good Luck!
  • Posted on Member
    -Just Friends Talking About Your Future
    -Always There for Your Peace of Mind
    -Where a Handshake Still Means Something

    P&C Solutions - Insuring Your Success the Old Fashioned Way
  • Posted by browncatfan on Member
    It's not terrible.


    The calmer waters you're looking for.

    Protection from the storms.


    All we sell is peace of mind.

    Because sometimes "just in case" happens.

    The Department of Homefront Security.

    Protecting your comfort zone.

    Shock absorbers for your life.

    A cushion you can relax on.


    Don't worry.
  • Posted on Member
    SafeHarbor Insurance Group - Your Refuge from the Storm
  • Posted on Accepted

    You're covered.
  • Posted by NovaHammer on Member
    Balance,Harmony,Protection, Choice you say ...sounds like something musical, new wave but comfortable while providing guidance through risky and changing waters/trends of each life.

    Compass Rose Insurance:
    Charting your best Course for all seasons.

    Ponticello Insurance Consulting:
    Bridging the Chords of your life.

    Bellwether Insurance Protection:
    Value for your changing Trends.

    All image rich ideas I think... Compass Rose, Ponticello, and Bellwether.

    All very Independant and with that certain 'je ne sais quoi' or something special of personal assurance.
  • Posted on Accepted

    Developing a name for your company or product is crucial in brand building. It's not a process to take lightly, nor is it wise to rush to a decision because letterhead needs to be printed or the website is ready to launch. There are several tips to help you successfully develop a brand name. They are:

    1. Don't describe—distinguish. The biggest mistake ompanies make is being too descriptive with their names. A name should not attempt to simply describe; it should have the ability to suggest the essence (the unique characteristics) of your company. To be effective, a name must have brand potential. A name that is narrow or too descriptive does not have the depth or dimension to become an effective brand.

    2. If it's comfortable—forget it. Everyone else will. The most successful names over the long-term are often those that are initially the most controversial (think Google, Yahoo). When you select a name, you are looking for something to punch through the marketplace clutter, not add to it. Overtly literal meanings can sometimes limit growth and show a lack of company creativity.

    3. Keep it brief. One word brands are most effective.Lengthy, multiple word names lead to truncation. When people abbreviate your name, you lose control over your brand.

    4. It's about strategy, not emotion and politics. Many clients are surprised that selecting a name is such an emotionally charged decision. Naming decisions are fraught with politics, turf issues, and individual preferences. Stick to the strategy and do not allow the lowest common denominator solution.

    5. Always be prepared for leaks. It is very difficult to keep a new name a secret. At the beginning of the naming process, prepare your press release and press kit in the event of a leak.

    6. Don't expect unanimity. In the first few weeks following introduction, there is often a lot of discussion and publicity about a new name. Familiarity breeds comfort. As people become more familiar with the name, they will become more comfortable with it.

    7. CEO involvement is key. Because selecting and adopting a new name is a highly emotional and political decision, you will not succeed without support from the top. Be sure that you have buy-in from the "C-Suites" in the beginning and that you keep them on board throughout the process.

    8. Make room for expansion. The name should not be so narrow that it will create problems in future.

    Go through the following articles as well:

    The names can be following:
    1. SafeHarbour Insurance Group .. “Earning Your Trust, Protecting Your Future"
    2. SafeHarbour Insurance Group .. "Maximise your gains with a safety net"
    3. SafeHarbour Insurance Group .. "Think Insurance, Think Harbour"
    4. Affinity Choice
    5. Insurance Matters
    6. Lifestyle Insurers. Great Experience (Emotional touch)
    7. SafeHarbour Insurance Group .. Have you met life today?
    8. SafeHarbour Insurance Group .. Get Harbour, It pays

    Hope this will help.
  • Posted on Accepted
    When I read your request the first thing that come to mind with insurance is protection.

    You need to relay to others that your desire is to ensure their protection.

    I think of things that symoblize protection like dogs, guardian angels, policies, etc.

    Maybe you want to consider

    Guardian Angel Insurance
    Wathcing over your personal interests. This lends to a lot of creative logo designs and ads.

    Guard Dog Insurance
    Protecting you in times of trouble.

    Just a thought. Hope it helps

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