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Is There A Website With Ideas For Tags?

Posted by max on 125 Points
I'm looking for domain names for a (main) website which links to three separate satellite websites.

I'd somehow like the four website names to have a tag in common so that people can see that they're connected. For example, the following all share the tag "zz":

Are there any internet resources which offer catalogues or dictionaries of tag or name ideas which could help please?

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  • Posted by mgoodman on Moderator
    Are there any requirements for the domain names? Do you want them to communicate a company name or customer benefit? Who are the target audiences?
  • Posted by max on Author
    It is a project for an individual who is opening three businesses and would like to ensure that the brands remain connected.

    Thus the main website is about the individual himself and will direct viewers to one of the three other websites in the following markets:

    Website 1. Corporate market: Career development services for corporate employees
    Website 2. Small business: Business growth services for small business owners
    Website 3. Individuals: Personal growth services for individuals

    The reason for having the main website is that the individual is quite well-known and wants to capitalize on his own brand by using it to direct people to one of the three subsidiary websites.

    The reason for the three separate (subsidiary) websites is that they are reasonably unrelated.

    The reason for wanting a common tag for all three websites is to try and create some kind of common theme or brand platform running throughout.
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    If the individual is well-known, then make the tag refer to that person (if that's what you're trying to leverage). For example, if the person was Jennifer Lopez, one could make:
  • Posted by max on Author
    I like it, thanks!

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