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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Need A Catchy Name And/or Tag For Auto Body Biz

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I am opening an auto body repair business and looking for a catchy name that is memorable and projects quality work. Most of these type businesses in my area consist of the owner's last name such as Smith's Auto Body, which is ok but pretty forgettable and routine. Maybe a good way to go would be with an A or a # in order to make it to the front of the phone book list.

Thanks for your help -

  • Posted on Member
    Auto M.D.
  • Posted on Accepted
    Carcraft - simple but nice.

  • Posted on Member
    AACME - Body Repair

    Auto Body

    AAA Autobody
  • Posted on Member
    Dear Jenni,

    Your name is an important first impression. What do you want it to reflect?

    As an extension of your brand, your name can reinforce the value you provide. Your name can also distance you from it.

    Before selecting a name, you'll want to decide what makes you different than the alternative solutions your customers have available. Then, once you've established what you want your company to stand for, you can:

    1. Develop your naming strategy.

    2. Decide what type of name best matches your positioning.

    > Descriptive
    > Created
    > Experiential
    > Expressive

    3. Develop criteria to evaluate your list of potential names.

    4. Review your competitor's names.

    5. Generate a long list of potential names, especially if you are going to establish a URL.

    6. Evaluate your list against your criteria.

    7. Test your name objectively.

    Speak it, write it, type it. Will people misspell it? Will they remember it? Does it match your brand personality?

    8. Protect your name.

    9. Develop your corporate identity.

    Keep in mind, the phone book is only one type of communication with your market.

    I welcome the opportunity to speak with you directly on how to develop your strategy. Please feel free to contact me offline.

    Good luck with your endeavor!

    Best Regards,

    Jennifer Lueck
    Marketing M.O.
  • Posted by smile on Member
    Car Care
    Auto Experts
    Auto Works
  • Posted on Member
    "Triple A"
    "The Car Body Doctors"
    "Body Works"
    "Pimp Your Ride"
    "AAA Rides" (Can be A, AA or Triple A)
    "Carossiers" (French for car body workers)
    "A's Hot Body Works"
  • Posted by NovaHammer on Member
    Memorable Image .... Armadillo Auto Body.

    It's all about bumper to bumper coverage!

  • Posted on Member

    Mint Condition Bodyworks

  • Posted by pivey on Member
    Going with the "AutoDoc" suggestion:

    The Plastic Surgeons For Your Car
  • Posted by Jessica Russell on Member
    Auto Spa
  • Posted on Member

    Developing a name for your company or product is crucial in brand building. It's not a process to take lightly, nor is it wise to rush to a decision because letterhead needs to be printed or the website is ready to launch. There are several tips to help you successfully develop a brand name. They are:

    1. Don't describe—distinguish. The biggest mistake ompanies make is being too descriptive with their names. A name should not attempt to simply describe; it should have the ability to suggest the essence (the unique characteristics) of your company. To be effective, a name must have brand potential. A name that is narrow or too descriptive does not have the depth or dimension to become an effective brand.

    2. If it's comfortable—forget it. Everyone else will. The most successful names over the long-term are often those that are initially the most controversial (think Google, Yahoo). When you select a name, you are looking for something to punch through the marketplace clutter, not add to it. Overtly literal meanings can sometimes limit growth and show a lack of company creativity.

    3. Keep it brief. One word brands are most effective.Lengthy, multiple word names lead to truncation. When people abbreviate your name, you lose control over your brand.

    4. It's about strategy, not emotion and politics. Many clients are surprised that selecting a name is such an emotionally charged decision. Naming decisions are fraught with politics, turf issues, and individual preferences. Stick to the strategy and do not allow the lowest common denominator solution.

    5. Always be prepared for leaks. It is very difficult to keep a new name a secret. At the beginning of the naming process, prepare your press release and press kit in the event of a leak.

    6. Don't expect unanimity. In the first few weeks following introduction, there is often a lot of discussion and publicity about a new name. Familiarity breeds comfort. As people become more familiar with the name, they will become more comfortable with it.

    7. CEO involvement is key. Because selecting and adopting a new name is a highly emotional and political decision, you will not succeed without support from the top. Be sure that you have buy-in from the "C-Suites" in the beginning and that you keep them on board throughout the process.

    8. Make room for expansion. The name should not be so narrow that it will create problems in future.

    Go through the following articles as well:

    Try the following:
    1. #The Car Surgeon
    2. #Car Lover
    3. All about Cars
    4. Apt Car place
    5. Apropos Auto Corner
    6. AutoGuru
    7. AutoLiver

    Hope this will help
  • Posted on Author
    Thank you very much for your suggestions. I appreciate your time!

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