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Topic: Branding

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Requesting Brand Name And Tagline For Food Product

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I am looking for a Brand name and Tag line for a range of processed food products for the premium segment. Presently I wish to introduce some specially processed cashew nuts, almonds, honey etc., but will extend the line very soon to include other things. My current range would include only processed foods.
The name should be tempting and exciting (so as to tempt a person to try or eat them), yet it should be elegant and chic for the premium class. The name should convey that the food product has been especially created for those who enjoy and appreciate the custom made finer things in life. So no jell-os or Chitos please.
I had thoght of the name "KraftFoods" to reflect the fact that it has been sort of hand-crafted or custom made, but found out that it already exists and has a huge following. Since I wish to introduce the products in Europe and USA, the name and tag-line should be suitable for these markets.
Would appreciate any help what-so-ever,

  • Posted by stlubahn on Accepted
    How about something with the name "royal" or "heritage" in the name? Something along those lines is the first vision I get for high end food product line.

    It is hard to get a full name for your product line, it sounds like these lean towards snack food but may be broader than that.
  • Posted on Accepted
    name : Akriti
    tagline: 1. For those who value taste
    2. The reflection of taste
  • Posted by MonMark Group on Accepted
    Just a second - Are you serious?

    I can not believe you did not know that a company by the name of KraftFoods exists.

    Not to make light of your post, but what part of the globe are you in, that KraftFoods does not have a presence? I am very curious about this.
  • Posted on Accepted
    Another idea

    Brand Name : Savor

    Tag line: Have it. Show it.
  • Posted by corpblue on Accepted

    I do not think u 'll need any punch line for thisbrand name.. & U can extend this brand to any number of products in your umbrella...
  • Posted on Accepted
    A name can be based on many platforms - for example, a name can be either descriptive of the benefits / values, descriptive of the personality, or abstract.

    Descriptive of the benefits / values (i.e. Shake 'n Bake)
    - highly descriptive; therefore, low investment
    - very difficult to trademark
    - not as ownable or unique vs other options

    Descriptive of the personality (i.e. Uncle Ben's)
    - low-mid level of investment needed to educate consumers about the product (less descriptive)
    - more ownable / unique vs desc. of benefits

    Abstract (i.e. Red Bull)
    - high level of investment
    - most ownable / unique
    - easy to trademark

    With all of the options above, they center around a clear brand positioning. What makes your product unique, relevant and better? I would take the time to clearly define what your brand stands for vs the competitive landscape before coming up with a fresh name. Don't stifle creativity, just make sure you name is rooted in a sound strategy.
  • Posted by NovaHammer on Accepted
    Amuse Bouche
    Food For Thought!

    ps Amuse Bouche
    Hors d'œuvre (or alternatively appetizer or starter) refer to the food served before or outside of (French: hors) the main dishes of a meal (the œuvre). The purpose of the hors d'œuvre is to whet the appetite; if there is a long waiting period between when the guests arrive and when the meal is served (for example, during a cocktail hour), these might also serve the purpose of sustaining guests during the long wait.

    French for the Classy bit and it even starts witha an "A" and isant difficult to say for non francophones!

    Food For Thought.


    Anything that provides mental stimulus for thinking ... even thinking about what to 'have' should bring this tagline to life for the potential customer.

    Protein; such as nuts, is said to enhance thought versus relaxing or perparing one for sleep.


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