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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Neighborhood Beauty Store Tagline

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I have a beauty store business, the name is california beauty source. The theme throughout the store is coastal, beachy, but very classy and elegant. We are a very small store and have a boutique feel.

The majority of our customers come from the surrounding neighborhood, known as Willow Glen. It is an upper class area. The location is convenient for many residents, yet the store is hidden in a shopping center.

Most customers are female and between the ages of 35-60.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. We have the ability to give customers our full and individualized attention. The 2 employees we have are in their early 20's and are very nice to customers. I have received lots of positive feedback.

We bought the store a year ago. It's completely redone and improved. It's been around for about 15 years, but went downhill the past few years. We've revived it and want everyone to come back.

Now all we need is a tag line, can you help?

  • Posted on Member
    California Beauty Source-Your One Stop Beauty Shop

    California Beauty Source-Where Glamour Begins

    California Beauty Source-For Beauty Within

    California Beauty Source-All You Ever Need
  • Posted on Member
    how about this one California Beauty Source-Lets Get Beautiful
  • Posted by MANSING on Member

    The tag lines are as follow

    1. For all your beauty needs
    2. Qualities that give pleasure
    3. Caring Collections
    4. Seductive looking for woman
    5. why not be a beautiful

    I hope this will help!


    M Bhor
  • Posted on Member
    I like Vic's idea of secret... driving the point that your location is hidden away...

    California Beauty Source - Find the secret of a new you

    CBS - Hard to find, great to use

    CBS - the hard to find secret of beauty

    CBS - Our little secret
  • Posted on Member
    California Beauty Source-Enhancing Your Natural Beauty
    California Beauty Source-Looking better than ever
    California Beauty Source-Helping you shine
    California Beauty Source-Making heads turn
    California Beauty-It's all about you
    California Beauty Source-The Finishing Touch
    California Beauty Source-The Lap of Luxury
    California Beauty Source-Making you Picture Perfect

    I'm not sure what you sell, if it's just beauty tools or if you sell services as well, but I like the idea of empowering the customer with their natural beauty. You are the provider of the tools or services that enhances their natural beauty.

    I'm in your target age group and I can tell you that if I'm in a store where the sales person is telling me how naturally great I look in whatever, I'll buy the item in truck loads. Make the customer feel they are naturally beautiful and that this product will just enhance your gorgeous eyes and you'll have them for life. Somehow get the jist of that in the tagline.

    I also toyed with the idea of dropping the word "source" from your name and just having California Beauty-it seemed intriguing to me. But you may be locked into your entire name.

    Good Luck!
  • Posted by jpoyer on Member
    Some suggestions for you. It would be good to know if you sell services, supplies or both. I believe if you sell services, your individualized attention can go along way in your tagline.

    California Beauty Source ... individualized attention for the discerning woman
    California Beauty Source ... indulge yourself
    California Beauty Source ... Willow Glenn's best kept secret
    California Beauty Source ... exquisite service with the convenience you expect

    Hope this helps,

    XPRT Creative

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