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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Tagline For Baby Product Company

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
The product is a baby book alternative. Its basically a pad of paper to jot down things that would normally go into a baby book (i.e. "firsts", milestones, funny stories, etc.), and a box to put the paper in. The theory is that busy moms are more likely to keep track of these things if the box is out (e.g. on the kitchen counter) rather than having to get a baby book out of the baby's room, find a good pen to write, etc. Parents can also stick a notepad in the diaper bag or give it to a daycare provider. Also good for moms with more than 1 child - the subsequent kids never have as much info in their baby book as the 1st kid! Then the parent can recopy the notes into a baby book when they have time, or save the paper and put it into a 4x6 album.

The company name is "tiny tales." i need to keep the tagline open for future product ideas, including pads of paper for daycare centers to use to keep track of diapers, bottles, naps, etc.

Thanks in advance for your creative ideas!

  • Posted on Member
    I like the idea a lot. This way you can tuck away small meaningfuls as well -- a pressed flower, small drawing, favorite pictures...

    I had recently been thinking just blank scrap books were the way to go, but I like the idea of a box even better.

  • Posted on Member

    for those special everyday moments

  • Posted on Accepted
    Here are a few ideas (and as a new mom, I like this idea a lot!).

    Tiny Tales
    Helping you script life's little stories

    Tiny Tales
    Big Ideas for littlle lives

    Tiny Tales
    Remebering when just got easier

    Tiny Tales
    Your stories - made simple

    Tiny Tales
    Little notes for those big moments

    Tiny Tales
    Scripting little stories - creating big memories
  • Posted on Member
    Because they are only little once...

  • Posted by jdonovan on Member
    What a charming idea! I would definitely have used that when my little ones were smaller. As it is, I have three little boxes filled with post-its, pieces of written-on napkins, even (clean) ear tubes! =)

    Tiny Tales
    Because the tiny tales of your child's life tell a wonderful story.

    Tiny Tales
    Helping you treasure the everyday stories of your child's life.

    Tiny Tales
    A big idea for treasuring your baby's tiny tales.

    Tiny Tales
    Telling your child's life story one memory at a time.

  • Posted by browncatfan on Member
    As they grow up....write it down!

    When it means a lot....we're on the spot!

    Worthy of Notes!
  • Posted on Member
    "Tiny thoughts in a box"

    "Life as a baby" - (from the kids perspective)

    "This is me! " - (also from the kids perspective)

  • Posted by browncatfan on Member
    Just for the record, I'd suggest NOT using "tales" in the tag line. It's redundant with your company name, and seems to do just what you said you didn't want to do -- be too limiting for future products. (To me, "tales" would be a real stretch for the daycare center products, etc.)
  • Posted on Member
    I know you closed this but this came to me sometime during the night :)

    Tiny Tales
    Your baby, their stories, one special place.


    Tiny Tales
    Your baby's stories, one special place.

    Good luck, its a great idea.

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