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Topic: Branding

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The Best Btl Activities To Get Brand Equity

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points

I work in a Winery, and right now, as ever, we are doing many activities with some of our brands to get a little bit of brand equity.
The big problem is that we dont have so much money and I think that BTL activities are great to communicate.
Please If you have some ideas of great BTL activities - different -, I will we very pleased.
Wright now we are doing our marketing plan for 2007, so every new idea is well received.



  • Posted by BARQ on Accepted
    Bibulous Truculent Logorrhea

  • Posted by mop on Accepted
    I would guess Schotte is referring to
    Below The Line-
    (versus Above The Line)

    Below the line is work that does not involve commissions. (TV commercials). BTL reaches the consumer on a one-to-one basis, rather than a large audience. BTL can be achieved through manyu venues such as direct mail, or even personal interaction.

    It is an older advertising term and I rarely hear it anymore.
  • Posted by Levon on Accepted
    Consider hosting events at the winery such as wine appreciation and wine tasting events. Develop a loyal following and develop a monthly event calendar -- bring in local artists, entertainers, authors, famous chefs. Cross-promote activities to both of your clients lists. Start hosting weddings and parties. Really the possibilities are endless as you create a market out of your place.
  • Posted on Accepted
    I do not know whether BTL will achieve Brand Equity but it will get you your desired volumes & sales numbers.

    Run a contest on your Wine Bottle sticker.
    1. Scratch & Win another bottle!
    2. Have 3 big prizes and a slogan writing competition on your brand.
    3. Lift the Sticker and get Money Back as printed.
    4. One litre Bottle + mini bar bottle of chocolate liquor free.
    5. Design a new bottle for your wine- winner gets 1 year of wine supplies free.
    6. Design a new wine bottle sticker- winner gets XXX.

  • Posted on Accepted
    Hi there,

    BTL activities, I will agree with Shghosh, will not neccessarily increase your brand equity. Of course, they may, idealy, increase sales and profits but not brand equity (BE).

    BE is a set of assets that are linked to your brand's name and which add value, or substract value, provided by your core product.

    Do you know what this value is? BTL activities can harm your brand, if executed badly, as much as they enhance it, if executed rightly. In my opinion, the most important brand equity is the association that a brand names carries. This enhances the brad loyalty and perceived quality (which drives your financial performance). Have you identified the brand identity you have created or you wish to create and brand image that you wish to communicate to your target market? This will greatly determine the BTL or ADL communication activities.

    It is difficult to suggest some BTL activities that will enhance your brand equity, when we are not familiar with your brand strategy. Above suggestions are all good but they are very general and can be subscribed to any brand. It is up to you to define what it is that you want to do and ways in which you will enhance your brand equity.

    Few ways in which you can increase and maintain your brand equity are:
    -enough volume so that you meet increasing demands, if it takes place
    -strong sales force who will carry out day-to-day store checks
    -on-shelf visibility and a intensive 'wet trial' phase which will enourage customers to pause in wandering up and down the aisles and taste the product
    -brand price (must be mainstream)
    -consistant quality (consumer's experience must be the same whenever and wherever they buy your wine)
    -finding out what wine tase your target market prefers wants and making sure you provide them with the same tase every time they buy your wine

    PR is always good and should be cheap way in getting some free publicity and press coverage but your PR activities will again be determined by your overall brand strategy (brand identity and brand image that you wish to communicate to your market)

    I hope this helps a little
    Ciao :)
  • Posted on Accepted
    Hi Stefanie

    Thanks Dr.Bob for clearing out the assumptions.

    Brand Equity is built over time and is the combined perceived tangible and intangible benefits of a product or service.

    Brand Equity is acheived through consistent, relevant and sustainable branding activities of your product or service. It is the main reason why successful brands can charge a premium above competitors. Brand Equity is easier to calculate since branding activities are measured over a period of time.

    I would recommend you 1) consider your current positioning first within the marketplace and 2) understand your current and future customers before doing anything else.

    If you spend a little time to plan strategically where you want to go with your brand it will not only save you money but alot of wasted energy on acitivities which may only deliver short term but burn you long term.

    Positioning wise consider: how are you currently & how do you want to be positioned as a winery within the marketplace? Is there a big gap between where you are now and where you want to be? What are you well known for? Are the Values & Vision you currently have in sync with where you want to go or do they need to change?

    How do your customers currently perceive your company? Do you want to build upon this or change this perception in some way? How do they buy from you? why do they choose you above competitors?

    Your brand positioning and deep understanding of your customers will determine the best suited type of brand and marketing activities, for the type of customers you have and the new ones you want to attract.

    You should be looking to protect and nurture your brand long term, how do we want our company to be perceived within the marketplace and just deciding on BTL activities will not help strategically.

    Depending on your Values & Values look into building upon associated values with affiliated companies that your brand synergizes with and shares a similar target audience.

    Beware of too many promotions as this is a major factor to help destroy any brand equity in a brand.

    I know I haven't suggested ideas but I do think you need to consider and maximise your brand strengths strategically and not give in to a knee jerk reaction because of budget constraints.

    Hope this helps.

    Zahid Adil
  • Posted on Member
    i am reopening a bar and so i want to run a spend and win promotion. with this in mind i feel that the name "spend and win" is not catchy enough for my clientele. may you kindly assist me with the name of the promotion

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