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Topic: Branding

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How To Write A Creative Plan

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
We have a new show coming up; Taganai, a Cirque Extravaganza. This show is scheduled to run in our casino showroom on September 5. I have to go to upper management with a creative/marketing/promotion plan. Any suggestions?

  • Posted by rob on Member
    There isn't a lot of information to go on here but let me start with the fact that your marketing plan needs to utlilize both paid media (advertising) and public relations efforts ('free' media). You will probably also need to create some collateral materials to help promote the show, posters, etc...within the casino as well as around town (ie, on buses, cabs, etc). Maybe even a billboard might fit into your plan. All of this depends on your budget. For the PR side, press releases and arranging for media interviews with the show's stars—if they are big enough to garner media interest—or possibly invite the media for a sneak peak performance. This is where you want to generate publicity and excitement about your event. Don't forget local radio talk shows as well. They can be a good source for both PR and advertising opportunities. Also, if this is a true Cirque du Soleil event, they may provide you with materials and assistance as well.

    As for the 'creative' part, or the concept which you might use to create the ads and various other materials I don't know if you already have something for the event but either way, the concept should be in-line with the casino's brand standards as well as Cirque's, unless there's been an agreed (contractual) creative strategy laid out with the show's management.

    You might also see what your competition has done in the past and what's worked well for them. The less time you spend reinventing the wheel, the better off you'll be for getting this event publicized.

    Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions.
  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Accepted
    Hi Erin,

    I'd start with a creative brief. Here's a link:

    also, enter "creative brief" in the search box to the upper right of this page.

    hope this helps,

    - Steve
  • Posted by JBtron on Member

    This posting is a MAJOR surprise.

    As a member of the Cirque family of consumers for the past eleven years and an avid fan, the idea that Cirque du Soleil needs help with their new show so late in the show's production timeline that I think this may be a bogus posting from someone UNRELATED to Cirque. OR someone who has posted an inventive way of getting the structure needed to do their own work that really ISN'T for Cirque du Soleil, but might be for a “competitor” or related service.

    I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think so. They NEVER leave anything to this much undecided detail this late in their promotions, and usually are months ahead when promoting NEW shows. Just check their site:



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