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Topic: Branding

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How To Upgrade My Brand Manager Skill Set?

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
I have an MBA from 15 years ago and experience with Marketing, Product, and Brand Management. However, as I start searching for a new position, I'm concerned that my skill set is outdated.

What do you suggest I do to upgrade my skills?

Specific books, specific course topics, and advice on how to improve my quantitative marketing skills would be very much appreciated. As many of you might realize, MBA programs often concentrate on theoretical topics instead of teaching the nuts and bolts of how to analyze brand performance, advertising performance, computing advertising purchases, etc.

The more specific information you can offer, the better.


  • Posted by ilan on Accepted
    Peter, I don't know where you are, but if by chance you are in Chicago, please go to the University of Chicago Graham School website.
    You'll see my branding course there under the IMC program.
    I teach this successful course for the last 9 years, and so far, I had many business people take it and benefit from it.
    I'm sure there are other adult education programs offering many marketing courses, just make sure that a "branding" course is a separate, 100% dedicated course to the subject.
    Also, make sure that practitioners are teaching it, and not just people from the academic world.
    Get in touch with me off line if you want to discuss further.
    Good luck,Ilan
  • Posted on Accepted
    A suggestion, if I may, Peter...for after you've updated your skills, don't stop there. Learning should be a lifelong process. Any day in which you don't learn something new - about your profession, about the world around you, or about yourself, is a day wasted.

    It's something worth thinking about...

  • Posted by Mack Collier on Accepted
    If you haven't already, I would suggest that you begin to familiarize yourself with social media sites and tools. Increasingly, brands are being discussed on blogs, social networks such as MySpace and Facebook, and on Twitter. If you are a brand manager, you need to know what and where that conversation is happening, and how to engage the participants.

  • Posted on Author
    I appreciate the responses that I've already received, but none of them seem to really answer the question.

    Just a little background, I am currently an Editor of a business magazine and do a large amount of research throughout all business disciplines. In short, I am relatively up-to-date with current management techniques, marketing concepts, social media (Web 2.0), etc.

    What I'm missing is more technical know how for analyzing sales, marketing effectiveness, brand performance, how to determine the proper advertising purchases (print / television / radio), and things like that.

    I understand segmentation, target market identification, and integrated marketing...but the quantitative aspects of product and brand management need to be updated.

    I'm looking for specific courses, articles, books, etc. to help round out my knowledge base. Something that I can actually use in future positions.


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