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Topic: Branding

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Framing A Brand Strategy

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I'm having a horrible time trying to find practical, tactical information on writing and structuring a Brand Strategy (what categories to include, how much depth to go into, how to go about it, that sort of thing, a template). I'm also having a horrible time trying to find real examples of brand strategies. I'm looking for a how-to. And I've read just about every book on branding amazon has to offer.

  • Posted by Blaine Wilkerson on Accepted

    If you need some good resources, check out the links below:

    Let me know if these help. Otherwise, I can probably share one of my templates.

    I hope this helps!
  • Posted by Blaine Wilkerson on Accepted
    I think it's a good idea but you definitely need a Branding section.

    Branding is more than a logo and being different than your is an evoked emotion, an image, a feeling, a reputation, a perception. Obviously art plays a strong role in all of this, but so does your tagline, postioning statement, tone of dialogue, etc.

    Here is another site to check out . It is owned and operated by William Arruda (click on his name in the top 25 to your right to get his contact info). He has some amazing insight to brand and some excellent tools (360 Reach). 360 allows you to send out a survey of perception to whomever you like, then compare it to your own evaluation of yourself or your company. The results may startle you! I highly recommend it.

    Branding has evelved so much in the past 5-6 years. It has gone far beyond a name and a logo. Seth Godin has some incredible insight to this as well. I belive his sites are and . You can also read his columns at ...another innovative website hip to day's eveloving marketing trends.

    Let me know if this helps!

    P.S. You may want to drop a line to Jerry Berkowitz as well (JBtron on the top 25 list).
  • Posted by Blaine Wilkerson on Accepted
    Great! It may be tomorrow until I dig it out...getting late over here.

    I'm happy to help anyway I can!

  • Posted by Blaine Wilkerson on Member
    Sorry about the delay..I haven't forgot about you!

    Thank you for your patience.

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