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Topic: Branding

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Brand Audit Templates

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
I am looking for sources of brand audit formats, essentially different layouts and presentation approaches. I have a Kevin Keller example (Strategic Brand Management text) that I will use as a default if needs be, but I am interested in learning what brand audits look like in the "real" world. In short, I am looking for layout and presentation alternatives. I already have a product focus.

Thanks for your consideration and assistance.


  • Posted by mgoodman on Moderator
    I always resist using templates for things like this. If you're conducting a Brand Audit, it's probably because you need some input in order to improve the usefulness of a key decision. Your analysis and presentation should be focused on the decision and how the information from the study will affect it.

    Your objective may be quite different from someone else's, and a template created for one purpose may not be appropriate for yours.

    Better to do what's right for your situation and forget about looking for a generic template.
  • Posted on Author
    Thanks for coming back to me. I completely understand that a 'one-size-fits all' template is not necessarily the best way to go. However, I have to perform x4 brand audits on 4 key competitors, from which I then need to derive a SWOT for each of them. This then needs to be conveyed via a 20min presentation, with me sharing the respective brand audits (and SWOT) followed by a recommendation of how I then differentiate my brand within the current marketplace.

    I need to convey my findings in a simple, yet sufficiently detailed context to ensure my audience remains engaged. A templated 1pp document for each of my competitors that conveys the metrics, internal, market segments, differentiation, positioning and personality areas of the audit is what I'm looking for.


  • Posted on Author
    I have not received a suitable response to my question. I'm closing my question.


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