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Topic: Branding

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What Is The Difference Between Slogan & Punchline?

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
for example, reliance mobile have some "kar lo duniya muthi mein" is it a slogan or punchline? if not than what is a punchline and the slogan

  • Posted by JBtron on Accepted


    Now, I don't understand the phrase you've posted, however, an article about it,,prtpage-1.cms?

    from IndiaTimes makes me think the phrase is an advertising campaign punchline, not a slogan or what I would call a Corporate Tagline.

    The Corporation Taglines are geared to be attached to the corporation for a number of years. Advertising punchlines go away the moment the campaign is over, UNLESS it it a great success.

    Hope this helps.


  • Posted by Sharon on Accepted

    You may have to translate your quote to help us help you a little better.
    And I wonder if you mean "tagline." Here's all three.

    A punchline is the end -- and point -- of a joke, or in advertising, the catchy and usually unexpected and funny or profound, end to an advertisment, usually in television.

    A tagline is associated with a brand name, and is used in everything the brand is used in. In the United States, good taglines are as famous as their brands. Ford: Quality is Job 1. Avis: We try harder. Southwest: You are now free to move around the country. Taglines are used over many years and through many campaigns and advertising efforts.

    A slogan is similar to a tagline, but used only once with one specific advertising campaign. It defines the campaign not the brand.

    Here's an article on the subject:
    I hope this is helpful.

  • Posted by Mushfique Manzoor on Accepted
    Hi payal

    I think you are referring to Tagline by the word “punch line”. Have a look at the definition of Punch line given by Sharon.

    Sharon and JBtron, "kar lo duniya muthi mein" means “have the world in your hand”. That has been used in the advertisement of one of India’s mobile operators who uses CDMA platform. In fact this is the “Tagline” of Reliance India Mobile as it coveys the message that by having RIM you are connected to the world.

    Anyway, here is the difference between tagline and slogan.

    Tagline is the statement that represents the brand position or communication goals. Its function is to communicate with the external audience. Taglines are usually mistaken as the brand essence but actually its not brand essence.

    Example IBM uses multiple Taglines for different products. For its customers who are seeking solution products IBM uses tagline “Solutions for a Small Planet” while for e-commerce products the Tagline is “E-business”. But the brand essence of IBM for all its products remains the same.

    I agree with the explanation of Sharon that slogan is usually used only once with one specific advertising campaign. It is associated with a campaign, not with the brand.

    Hope this helps.

  • Posted by SRyan ;] on Member
    The slogan makes you go "HMMMMM."

    The punchline makes you go "HAH!"
    Or, like this response, it makes you go "GROAN...."

    - Shelley ;]

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