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Topic: Branding

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Need Examples Of Brand Positioning For B2b Markets

Posted by mgoodman on 500 Points
I'm giving a presentation to a management team for a major global company in a technology-driven industry. The audience is about 65% North American and 30% European (SA and Asia have one or two representatives each.) My topic is fairly broad, but includes a perspective on Positioning and Branding in B2B markets. (Consumer marketing will look flaky to these folks, even if the lessons are directly applicable.)

What I need are examples of real brands in B2B or industrial markets that are (a) company name is the brand name (I have lots of these); (b) dual branded with company name AND a distinctive brand name (not a model number); and (c) brand name only (perhaps with company name as minor reassurance). It's best if they are well-known global brands, of course, but I'll take US or European brands, if they are reasonably well-known in their markets.

If you have an actual positioning statement from any of the brands, that would be appreciated too. (Can be sent via private email if you'd rather not make it public.)

I have several of these examples from consumer markets, but not very many from industrial or B2B markets. And I have lots of company-name-is-brand-name examples, but not with positioning statements.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. Question closes on Wednesday night (10 Nov 2004) US Eastern time, because I have to wrap this up Thursday morning.

  • Posted by mbarber on Accepted
    Gidday Michael

    How about Siebel and their sub brands?

    What about IBM and their 'blade technology'

    How about Boise and their consumables?

    Maybe even Hays Plc and their various divisions in recruitment (about 7 different brands) and their Logistics unit.

    I'd also be looking at some of the security firms in the US - very B2B and security firms typically have brands around the core service functions of monitoring, personal protection, cash protection and data protection.

    Hope this helps
  • Posted by JBtron on Accepted


    Intel "At Intel, we believe in innovation. We're driven by it. We live by it. And it's this principle that led us to create the world's first microprocessor back in 1971. "

    The positioning of Intel products meant that it would be everywhere a computer was in use, which gave rise to the "Intel INSIDE" positioning.

    Products: Pentium, Xeon, Celeron

    Microsoft: Windows, XP, Outlook, etc etc


    I'll write you offline about the book!

    Hope this helps!



  • Posted on Accepted
    Caterpillar, lots of case studies written about them
    Vodaphone - especially in New Zealand market as they push for SME take up

    Also check differnces in postioning staements made by car companies when pitching at the lease market as opposed to the consumer market

    Viagra and other drugs (and there associated companies) when they pitch to the doctors....

    Wine companies postioning in terms of hospitality businesses - in fact most companies that sell inot restaurants and bars

    All Hr firms (and most consulting organisations / professional services full stop)

    Most postioning statements can be found 'easily' on the corporate websites (if they are worth there salt), if not i would rethink the use of the example...
  • Posted by mgoodman on Author
    Some good examples so far. Thanks to all. If we can find them, I'd prefer to use hardware examples rather than software. (The client organization sells both, but they really think of themselves as hardware people.) I may still use Microsoft, just because it's such a good example ... but Intel, for example, is much closer to home for them.

    As for finding the positioning statement on the websites, I have been surprised at how well disguised they are, if they are there. Plenty of taglines and catchy expressions of a positioning, but not very explicit. Of course, I can usually reverse-engineer a tagline and come up with a positioning statement, but I would much prefer to use a "real" one that is directly from a company's file.

    Tazkiwi: Caterpillar is almost perfect for this project. Do you have a readily-available resource where I can find a few of the cases? Online?
  • Posted by SRyan ;] on Accepted
    I wonder if Nextel would be a good example?

    It's not exactly hardware... but they direct their phone sales + cellular services primarily at the lucrative B2B market.

    If I can find an articulate positioning statement for them, I'll be back.

    - Shelley
  • Posted by mgoodman on Author
    Thank you, everyone.

    I'm wrapping up my presentation, and I'm using just about every example you've suggested. I also found a few more, and I'm saving a few "in my hip pocket" in case there's a Q&A in which I want to drop a few more fresh examples.

    I appreciate the input. Between this forum and a handful of consultants/executives I know, was able to generate almost two dozen great examples. Only regret is that I don't have any bona fide Positioning Statements other than the ones I've created for my clients or found in text books (for one of which I was a major contributor!).

    Anyway, thanks again. Hope I can repay the favor soon.
  • Posted by SRyan ;] on Member
    Michael, I'm sorry that I forgot to come back with more info for you about Nextel!

    I know most companies publish fluff on their websites, but you might find enough info here to piece together their positioning statement:

    In the wireless industry, Nextel is best known for having a wide lead in push-to-talk technology, and for keeping an enviable base of business customers. They position themselves less as a B2C company because their B2B market is much more profitable!

    Hope that helps a bit more!

    - Shelley

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