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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Help! Need Name For Bike Tour!

Posted by brainstorm4u on 250 Points
Bike tour will be located in the southeastern area of Missouri. We have mostly flat roads and somewhat remote rural highways that bike riders love! Riders will bike through this agricultural area past fields of wheat, soybeans, corn and cotton. Southern hospitality abounds ... especially in the summer! Would love to get some creative ideas on a name and even a tagline, if possible.
Some of the bigger bike tours use a 4 or 5 word name for their tour and create a shortened version from the first letters...ex. Bike Ride Across Georgia or BRAG.
Good luck!!! Have fun!!!

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Bike Across Missouri (BAM)
    The Show-Me Ride
    No-Bluff Bike Ride
  • Posted by brainstorm4u on Author
    Thanks! Good ideas! We don't really ride across Missouri...just the southeastern area...but I like the BAM acronym. T-shirts could look like superhero comic book sound "balloon". Ha! There already is a bike tour using the Show-Me name. No-Bluff is interesting. Maybe something with a little more...flavor. Really appreciate your input!
  • Posted on Accepted
    Of course the Godfather of all rides is RAGBRAI and that is quite an experience!

    How about "Spokin' MO" or "Pedaling MO" or "The No Misery Missouri Ride"?

    Good Luck!

  • Posted by NovaHammer on Accepted
    Do Mo. See Mo.
  • Posted by brainstorm4u on Author
    cnolte - Yes, RAGBRAI is huge! Thanks for the name ideas. I like the play on much you could do with that.

    NovaHammer - Like the Do Mo. See Mo.

    Don't quit!!!
    Our terrain is a big plus...flat is the magic word in the biking world. Another unique feature, we do have the history of the earthquake in this area. We were swamplands and cockle burrs at one time.

    More ideas to bounce around...our southern heritage. Sweet tea, grits, homemade pie, kinfolk and front porches, small town America. Keep thinking! Don't give up, "y'all"!
  • Posted on Member
    Just for clarification - is this a tour that people will be able to take when they want to take it, or an organized ride (such as RAGBRAI)?

    Trails or hard-surfaced roads? One day - many days?

  • Posted by brainstorm4u on Author
    This will be a 5 day ride, on hard-surface roads, held in June.

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