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Topic: Branding

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Accessory Brand Name & Tagline

Posted by Anonymous on 25 Points
In the process of opening my online accessory store , I want to start with only fashion jewelry like bamboo earrings necklaces, hoop earrings, Bling bracelets etc, But in the future would like to include clothing or shoes , I need ideas in a catchy name like with the words RICH or GLAM. Also a simple catchy slogan but not common. "Please help "

  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    Well, we will start with the usual questions:

    Who is your target audience - and please be as specific as possible
    Where are you?
    What makes you different from all the other myriad online stores that pop up and disappear each month?

    A catchy name will not guarantee traffic or sales. A catchy name is just that. By the time they find you, your customer will already have an idea of what they want to buy. A catchy name won't change that.

    What will is either price (don't start me) or quality (of service and/or goods).

    So: we need to know what makes you "not common" because your customers will rumble you quickly if you don't back up your catchy slogan.

    In the mean time here's my attempt:

    Bamboo Glitz
    Bamboo Blitz (!)
    Glittering Bamboos
    Glam Bam (done in Bamboo-like writing to suggest Bam means bamboo)

    Your thoughts and reactions, please.

    Moriarty xx

  • Posted on Accepted
    One thought I had as I read your request-you need a name that expands with you if you plan to add more than one type of product.

    Your name in essence is your umbrella company that allows many product lines to fit under it. If everything you carry will be glitzy glam, you can choose a name like GlamBam as Moriaty suggested. I would think about the bamboo lettering however, unless all products are bamboo related.

    Names like GlamBam, Glamboozle, GlitzyGirls, RitzyGirls...all would allow for collections of bling products that would all have their own sub-identity such as bling bamboo products or expensive shoes.

    Just some thoughts, hope this helps. :)
  • Posted on Author
    I will have selection of accessories I'm not only focusing in bamboo earrings, accessories that will catch the eyes of young ladies between the ages of 18-30 I would say , more like I will bring to them celebrity inspired jewelry . Maybe something that will represent what I will carry one online store I came up with this idea "RichGlamGirlz"
  • Posted on Author
    I am located in Florida

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