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Topic: Branding

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New Car Audio Electronic Company Name

Posted by maranda on 25 Points
Hello, My husband and I are based in Dallas, Texas and well we are trying to come up with a new car audio and electronics company, we are trying to come up with a name, we are stuck. He is wanting to not necessarily keep it local so we want to make sure our name can expand outside of just city or state, also we have been researching local and state wide competitor names because we want to be unique and not have the same name or similar name for that matter (plus we dont want to get into legal matters). He will be doing anything from installing radios, tv screens, car alarms, boat audio/video, I know he does headlights and stuff like that as well. We want to make the name easy to work with change so if we start selling different products in the future the name will fit.

  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    I would first like to say that I had a business as an interior decorator and furniture maker - which went well until the crash of 2007. If there is one thing that keeps a customer happy, it is quality work.

    Offer that above anything else and you may have a chance.

    Because times are really tough for someone working in the skilled trades. There is a lot of competition and unless you are doing something special, you will be beaten on price. That is a guarantee. I have been through it and it is not fun.

    My first question:

    what can you offer that NOBODY else can offer?

    **This is essential**

    Just having a good name on the notepaper won't bring you the circle of clients that is essential to the small business. I started from nothing in 2006 after splitting with my ex, and believe me with four more years I would have had enough to survive. It really does take that long.

    Because if you focus on one thin slice of the market, you might have a chance.

    My second question: what don't you do?

    Put those together and you might have enough to start on. Please a few clients and get yourself a name for providing good, sound workmanship.

    My third question: what kind of guarantee can you offer?

    Add this to your mix and you will find clients attracted to you in a way that they aren't to others.

    A few suggestions - pedestrian. For a skilled craftsman it is the sort of thing that is trustworthy.

    A. Smith Electrical and Electronic Installations
    A. Smith Electrics, Fort Worth Tx
    A. Smith Installations.

    After all, I was simply "Morarty Interior Designs" - or somesuch. It's hard to remember now ...

    I wish you success.


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