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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Tagline/slogan For Maintenance Company

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I'm looking for help regarding a slogan for an phoenix, arizona based maintenance business, mostly commercial work, i.e. apartments complexs/ house rentals/ and home builders. The business mainly does general and carpet cleaning, house repair, painting, and yard work,... if that helps at all. Any and all answers would be greatly appreciated.

  • Posted on Member
    " Let us Maintain your Maintenance"
  • Posted by Chris Blackman on Member
    It would be helpful to know the business name to enable us to fit a tagline that works together with it...

    In the absence of that key piece of information, here's some ideas:

    - Maintaining Phoenix

    - Maintaining Standards in Phoenix

    - The Maintenance Standard

    - Maintenance by the yard

    - House your Maintenance?

    - Keeping it up all over Phoenix

    - Rise up, Phoenix!

    - Maintaining Phoenix, no myth!

    Boy, that was fun!! Come back and tell us more.


  • Posted by michelletrex on Member
    When you need it done right!

    Keeping it clean

    Projects large and small

    A passion for perfection

    A passion for property

    When you can't see where we've been, we're happy

    We're happy when you're happy

    Getting the best out of your property

    Property Presentation Perfectionists


  • Posted on Member
    Hi Christopher

    2 Questions:

    Why should customers choose your services and not your competitors?

    What is the single (or multiple) benefits of your service that differentiate you from your competitors?

    Before you respond, I'll put down some ideas anyway:

    Arizona Property Maintenance -
    "Quality & Value in One Great Service"

    Arizona Property Maintenance -
    "Keeping Up Standards"

    Arizona Property Maintenance -
    "Job Done!"

    Arizona Property Maintenance -
    "Job Done as Promised"

    Hope this helps.

    Zahid Adil
  • Posted by telemoxie on Member
    Two suggestions:

    1) Provide lots more info about your company - the amount of feedback you can get from this forum is truly amazing.

    2) Call and survey your customers. Ask them what they like most about your company, and why you are different than the competition. They will probably put together some phrases and ideas which can help you.
  • Posted by MonMark Group on Member
    Using Old West Theme -

    Arizona Property Maintenance
    Cleaning Up This Town...One Building at a Time.

    Old marshal holding tools vs guns.


    AZ Perfect as it Comes

  • Posted on Member
    Phoenix rises from the ashes we clean up!

    I know, its too long, but I just couldn't resist! Maybe you can use it someone in your marketing materials.
  • Posted by on Accepted
    Arizona Property Maintenance

    ...keeping yours in top condition

    ...keeping yours as good as new

    ...keeping what's yours, as you want it

    ...whatever it takes, we deliver

    ...keeping homes in top condition

    ...for the best-kept homes in Arizona

    ...join the best-kept homes in Arizona

    ...caring for Arizona's finest homes

    ...maintaining Arizona's finest homes

    ...looking after Arizona's finest homes care for Arizona's finest homes

    (or a derivative of the above!)

  • Posted by Janet O. on Member
    Arizona Property Maintenance
    A Better Way to Maintain Your Property

    Arizona Property Maintenance
    We Care for Your Property

    Arizona Property Maintenance
    Preserving Your Property
  • Posted by Ann H. on Moderator
    Arizona Property Maintenance: We clean up so you don't have to.

    Arizona Property Maintenance: Cleaning up all over town.

    Arizona Property Maintenance: No one cleans up as well as us.

    Best of luck to you!

  • Posted by rockyboy2 on Member
    Rising like the mythical bird, the Pheonix, from the ashes of dirt, we leave you feeling clean, maintained, and free.
    Phoenix Maintenance, we got big by cleaning.
    Phoenix Maintenance, your childrens future today.
    All cleaning and maintenance contracts carried out,
    Arizona, your State, Your Pheonix
  • Posted by rockyboy2 on Member
    Hey I forgot to mention visit the website I built for a company on a very limited buget .
    Michael the rockyboy2 man
  • Posted by rockyboy2 on Member
    god it looks rubish now lol but it was 100 bucks lol
  • Posted by Michele on Member
    Arizona Property Maintenance

    - A handyman that works so your husband does not have too (a bit sexist and more for the domestic market).
    - Reliable quality, guaranteed.
    - Your handyman on call 24/7.
    - A stitch in time saves nine
    - Preventative maintenance that saves you money
    - Call us before its too late
    - Catch snags before they become problems

  • Posted on Member
    " Keeping Phoenix Clean "

  • Posted by Mushfique Manzoor on Member
    hi christophermlyon

    great advice from experts. adding to those, how about these.....

    Arizona Property Maintenance

    "Outsource Your Maintanace Work"
    "Let us do the dirty work"
    "Dont get Dirty, We Are Here to do that for you"
    "You need repair, We are here"

    hope that helps.

  • Posted by LMI-ACK on Member
    Hi there

    how about a more fun approach (borrowing from the movie "Raising Arizona")...

    Arizona Property Maintenance -- Raising Arizona. One Place At A Time.


    Arizona Property Maintenance -- Maintaining Arizona. One Place At A Time.

    Hope this helps!

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