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Topic: Branding

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Brand Activation: Explanation Required

Posted by Anonymous on 75 Points
I work for a radio and TV broadcasting company. Our Advertising Sales team has discovered the term "brand activation" and is bandying this about. I feel they don't have a full grasp of it, but then neither do I! Help me with: a definition, case studies and best practice please. Andre

  • Posted by Carl Crawford on Member
  • Posted on Member

    You will find loads more by searching for brand activation on any search engine.

    Sanjeev Kumar Vyas
  • Posted on Member
    Brand Activation is how to make a brand to emerge from situations of heavy brand blurring. This is a typical problem for brands operating within other brands (e.g. food brands sold within store brands (e.g. supermarkets) that must emerge with respect of competing brands.

    How to activate a brand? There are two concurrent strategies to follow on:

    1- Brand Strategy: create strong brand awareness and reference to final consumers, at the point of sales remind the brand's presence and wake it up, increase brand image and bring it to a higher level (e.g. thru social responsibility campaigns)

    2- In-store Strategy: make use of great people to remind the brand's presence to final consumers, activate consumers at the point of sales thru involvement and to improve their shopping experience

    I'm sure other people can give you different opinions on brand activation as this is quite a new, cross-discipline phenomenon within the marketer world, but hope my comments can help you clarify a little bit what brand activation is all about: to impress and enjoy final consumer at the point of sales at such a level to positively influence his purchasing behavior for the specific brand.

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