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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Tagline For A Knitting Business

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I would really appreciate any help and suggessions.

I handknit hip hats and neckwear in traditional Russian knitting techniques. Names of my lines have Russian names ( The name of the business is Marina's Hat Emporium. Since the name not really great and it is done deal, I need at least a catchy tagline. I would love to see Knitting and Russian themes in it. Please check out my site, it'll help you to have a better idea.

Thank you again!

  • Posted by Jo Masterson on Accepted
    Some ideas,

    Marina's Hat Emporium - Beautiful Knitwear with a Russian Flair
    Marina's Hat Emporium An eclectic mix of beautiful knitting techniques
    Marina's Hat Emporium Unique and Beautiful Russian Knitwear
    Marina's Hat Emporium - From Russia with love

    Good Luck,
  • Posted by on Member
    I like JoMasterson's ideas and only have these to add...

    Marina's Hat Emporium knitwear a la Russe

    Marina's Hat Emporium handknit Russian fashion

  • Posted by on Member
    Just thought of a slightly different angle.....

    Marina's Hat Emporium - handknitted in style, Russian- fashion

    Marina's Hat Emporium - inspired handknitting, Russian-fashion

    I love those hats, by the way!

  • Posted on Member
    I knit chic hats, mittens and scarves and need a clever tagline for the boutique where I sell my knitting. The name of my business is "Made by Marney". Marney is my nickname.

    Any suggestions?

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