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Name For Consulting And Real Estate Office Gr

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I am oppening an office in Rhodes island - Greece.
We are 5 associates. The office will have the services below : real estate, architectural plans, decoration, tourism business consulting, advertising etc. The all idea is bassed to make an office that offers all the indispensable services for starting a new house or business. I need help in this!!!
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  • Posted by mgoodman on Member
    Maybe you should add a barber shop and a photography studio too. ;-)

    Seriously, any attempt to make it look like these businesses go together is likely to make you a laughing stock.

    A brand is a promise -- a promise of an important benefit, delivered consistently, the same way, time after time. What does the tourism benefit promise have to do with architectural plans? This is like trying to use the Coca Cola brand name on a bicycle. It just doesn't make sense.

    The name for this business is guaranteed to confuse people, no matter what it is. That's not a function of the name, but of the underlying mish-mash of businesses and benefits. It's not even clear you're appealing to the same target audience with each of the component services.

    You need to re-think the plan. If you're sharing office space, you can call it the Professional Services Group. Any more than that and you're kidding yourself.

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