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Topic: Branding

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Energy Drinks Sales Channels

Posted by Lejla on 125 Points
Does anybody have some statistics for the best sales channels for energy drinks? As per my findings up-to-know, the petrol channels is a big opportunity for this kind of drinks (of course, beside clubs).
As well, I would kindly appreciate if you know where I can find some examples of point-of-sale material that some of producers of energy drinks have been done?
Thanks, Lejla

  • Posted by ReadCopy on Accepted
    Not exactly what your looking for (but I will dig around), I would suggest you look closely at the strategy employed by Red Bull, phenomina marketing strategy and tactics:
  • Posted by ReadCopy on Accepted
    Consider buying a decent market report.
    This might be useful for you:
  • Posted by Lejla on Author
    Thanks everybody for the information provided.

    Still, I am not sure what kind of point of sale material is the most appropriate for the energy drinks. I was thinking about door stickers for the outlets that work 24 hours with the communication "Recharge your energy" or something similiar. Does anybody have more ideas for the other types of POS material?

    Thanks in advance,
  • Posted by Puru Gupta on Accepted
    Door Stickers are a good idea, but that might not be that high in terms of "visibility" - Yes, Consistency would be an advantage though.

    You can also look at a few of these -

    (a) The Psyche of the consumer that would require an energy drink is that the person looks for "rejuvenation" and "motivation" - Your message is pertinent to this factor, but it could be slightly more "Energetic"!.
    In that case, you can look at putting enlarged models of the drink (the way Pepsi did it a few years back)

    (b) What appeals to Consumers sometimes in this sector is the "Facial Expressions" that they can instantly connect to! The "Experience" can be marketed!

    (c) Your Outlets should be a brand in themselves (Orange- the famous brand of Orange Juice - is one of the best examples I can think of!)

    (d) Based on my limited experience - posters and stickers are less effective in such a scenario, especially at the POS- the entire perception of the outlet matters much more, and ensures better recall!

    Hope this helps!
  • Posted by Mushfique Manzoor on Accepted
    hi lejla

    who are your target market?? which SEC class? these information will help you in finding the right channel.

    apart from the channels mentioned, you can develop the following..

    1. you can develop mobile kisok or vending cart for selling your Energy Drinks.

    2. Tap into the places where youngsters hang around most (assuming youngsters are your target). if they hang around in fast food shops, then tap into those type of outlets.

    3. university/colllege/school cafeterias you can also tap into to sell your brand.

    regarding the type of POS to use, PURU has given an excellent idea of using Enlarged Models of pack, aka Dummy Pack. besides you can do the following

    1. Create Branded Outlets of your drink. the outlets should communicate all the brand the holds, the outlet color will be of your brand, the walls will have visual cues associated with your brand, (i.e. bubbles or fizz etc.).

    2. A wild one, how about branding some of your brand selling outlets as "Recharging Points". you hcan do this type of branding for outlets located at most frequented places. the external look of the outlet may have 3 visuals: a sprinter exhausted, taking your drink, and running again etc. alternative can be the External look will rather be not so explicit.

    talk to your ad agency in this regard, if you like this idea.

    3. you have place back-lit signboards to highlight your outlets

    4. you can have branded Refrigerator for keeping your brand.

    5. you can make the shelf in which your brand is kept in the shape of your pack, just to attract consumers.

    hope this helps.


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