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Brand Life Cycle

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My company is thinking of launching a new brand. when they consulted an agency about this, he talked about brand life cycle.

What is Brand life cycle?
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  • Posted by ReadCopy on Accepted
    Great question ... there is a debate in branding circles as to whether or not a brand can have a "life cycle" on its own, or whether its peaks and troughs and just a symptom of managing the brand elements (logo, personality, positioning etc)

    For one, I can see that a brand CAN rise, then FALL out of favour, to be superceeded by a new and improved brand.
    The only issue I have with viewing a brand as having a lifecycle is that the branding process can take many years to develop (unless you have an overnight success on your hand).

    Products do have a lifecycle, but their peaks and troughs can come in a quicker timeframe, so the cycle is more obvious.
    You can provide a quick fix to most products or solution out there to improve sales and prolong the lifecycle, not so easy with a brand.
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    Sorry, just to clarify my thoughts on this ... think of a big international brand right now ... my guess is that its brand appeal has been rising and rising since it was launched to the buying public ... wheres the cycle ?
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    "I think that one thing to remember is that lifecycles don't need to follow a waterfall. they can be iterative, or sub-lifecycles. Many big name brands constantly refine their brands using iterative lifecycles."

    Yeah, but is that a lifecycle in the classic way we all know the term or brand management ?

    And the problem I have with looking at a lifecycle for branding in the same way that we do for products is that branding si surely there to stop the rot with the product lifecycle in the first place!

    I agree that brands change and evolve, I have a problem thinking about it as a lifecycle.
  • Posted by ReadCopy on Member
    Hi, me again!

    I have thought about it some more, I can see that brands have an improvement lifecycle, which would go something like:

    o interaction - between customers and the brand (product, company, employees etc)
    o brand promise - what the customer expects to get from the brand
    o brand delivery - customers experience of the brand
    o learning - for both brand and customer

    Then back to the start again
  • Posted by Alireza Mojahedi on Member

    I think brand have life cycle like Prodocts but t may be defferent from product life cycle.

    One product from one company have a life cycle that is some of one or two or more brands of the brands life cycle.
    Any brand for one product may have its own life cycle.
    I have a post about it here:
    but it is in Persian and I will write it in English soon but if you visit the graphs you will get my idea.
    The Red lines are PLC and Blue and Green are BLC (Brand Life Cycle)

    Alirea Mojahedi, MBA

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