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Topic: Branding

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How To Write A Brand Proposals To Client

Posted by jon on 125 Points
Branding seems complex to everyone of us.Latelyu there is a question from one of my client to write a brand proposals to his organisation so as to brand and effectively positioned his company.
Quedtions is where should I start?

  • Posted by Morar Consulting on Accepted
    Strong brands have been recognised as key wealth creators over the last twenty years - however many companies/industries have failed to recognise this.

    The main reason for this is the fact that branding in considered to be the job of the marketing department and is often thought of as little more than advertising. This is a mistake.

    Successful brands rarely rely on advertising - instead their core is based upon the development of proprietary processes that are applied consistently across their business that are aligned with their brand values (such as for Apple these are: think differently, individualistic, clarity, clever).

    Strong brands are built this way - by ensuring the customer experiences a consistent and attractive brand experience across all of its touchpoints. This requires a major commitment from the top of the business, often in terms of management hours rather than marketing dollars.

    Anyway with that in mind the steps to developing a strong brand are:

    1. A full brand audit
    2. Development of the brand's vision, mission and values
    3. Visual identity (if you haven't already)
    4. Instil internal proprietary processes so that the brand is brought to life throughout the business
    5. Brand tracking

    1. A full audit
    - Deep analysis of your existing business to draw the core charactertics / strengths

    - A thorough understanding of the competitors

    - A strong appreciation of the market, its customers and its likely future trends

    2. Vision, mission and values
    - From the audit stage it can be possible to develop an appropriate 'vision, mission and values'. This is harder than many people think

    - As an example, if a business is excellent at trend-spotting then possibly 'empathy' would be a good value. ie the business understands its target market and so can predict its needs

    - There are many books on developing vision, mission and values but I think the best research is analysing your favourite brand yourself - you'll soon develop a strong appreciation of what makes these brands special

    3. Visual identity
    - The most discussed area of branding - ironically less important than many other aspects, but still important

    - It is important to have a brand identity that represents your brand - there is much waffle written on this

    - However it should be noted that pretty logos won't cover up a bad brand experience

    4. Instil proprietary internal processes
    - This is the hardest part by far and requires a deep management commitment - this is why great brands are rare

    - Basically the business needs to identify the processes that can differentiate it from competitors, whether internal such as giving greater power to your front office that facilitates better customer service, or better employee training to develop improved customer empathy, or innovation managers that spot new customer trends and develop new products

    - Unknown to many this is as much branding as adveritising and logos

    - Every process should be in line with your vision, mission and values - see 'Uncommon Practice' as a great book on this.

    5. Brand tracking
    - This is my areas of specility and is also complex, often being carried out inadequately by off-the-shelf research alone

    - Brand accountability is vital to ensure that marketing efforts are contributing to business value - like other dpertments of the business, this should be the measure of success

    - Instead of writing much more - if you are interested in understanding this area further see my company's website - [deleted by staff -- see his profile instead]

    Good luck!

    Roger Perowne
  • Posted by jon on Author
    hi, all

    thanks for the answer.

    Indeed branding has become important in bsuiness and marketing.
    However, it is such a complicated process and effort that many a times we just gave up.

    May I ask if there are so many brand agencies around, how does one differrentiate from the others. Apart from services and the creativity of thoughts.

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