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I'm looking for a company name for an IT support and solutions company. The main client base will be support for a medical practice management software, but we will also be providing IT software and hardware support services as well as trying to target small businesses for other service and support sales.
There are two things I think most competitors for small business lack: professional/corporate standards of practice and knowledge, and customer oriented support. In most cases if someone calls for support on an issue it's a good chance they know nothing about computers and will not be able to do things fast. With each customer I deal with, my goal is to deliver my solutions with confidence and make sure the customer validates my understanding of what they are saying. I also let customers know my background in working for a fortune 100 company, so they are away of the depth of my experience in working with several thousand systems instead of several hundred.

It would be great if I could put this all in a name right! Any suggestions? So far I have thought of procor support, procor standing for professional corporate. But are there advantages to choosing an acronym name for company? Other successful consulting companies seem to have done this: EDS - electronic data systems, IBM - information business machines, DELL - Delphian English Language Learners. :)

Please let me know if acronyms are better or what are some good adjectives that describe my companies mission. Thanks.
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    Safari IT Services
    "Your guide through the IT jungle" or "Your safe and trusted IT guide"

    PRISM (Professional, Reliable IT and Software Management)

    BITSS (Business Information Technology - Support and Services)

    BLISS (Business-Leading IT Support and Services)

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    hmmmm ..... if i was an IT company offering service/support (primarily) to medical/corporate then i would have to allow an appropriate name as suggested above .

    however, then too, if i was also wanting the opportunity to offer service/support to the "small business" sector im sure they would respond to a name that was "smart" and taught them something.(value added).most people in small business know they need help,but where to source the "correct" sort of help? Procor sounds like you are a Huge Company ... mind set = cost lots of money,too big,wouldnt "have the time to care for the "smaller links in the chain".

    a sharp smart name is more reliable to yield more business - especially if it reflects its name exactly

    This came to mind .... Doctor iT ..... doctorit ..... almost sounds like doctorate .... which is a true word.

    anyway, i have just researched availability.the name is up for intellectual rights to sell.


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