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Marketingprofs: Dailyfix Blog - What's Your Experience?

Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on 2000 Points
It's new, it's fun ... what is your experience of MarketingProfs: DailyFix?

Just a place to make a comment, share your story or whatever you like. Everyone who posts gets points.
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  • Posted by darcy.moen on Accepted
    I see a lot of headlines, thankfully I know enough (or I'm curious enough) to drill down into the articles to find good stuff to read. Lots of interesting things, and comforting to know more is coming...daily?!

    More leading information please...make the page as long as it needs to be, but give me more information, k? Feed my need for a fix...I'm a marketing junkie!

    Darcy Moen
    Customer Loyalty Network
  • Posted by Pepper Blue on Accepted
    I'm really looking forward to it, what a great implementation of a long overdue idea.

    So far I've enjoyed all 2 postings and as a marketing fanatic, I love reading about all things marketing (especially Internet marketing) but just can't get to everything I would like to.

    However, with The Daily Fix I hoping to find a trusted source of distilled information, and am hoping to be able to contribute to it at the same time.
  • Posted by Ann H. on Accepted
    Thanks for the feedback/kudos/helpful advice, all... and a special thanks to Steve for this question!

    I have another thread going on here at the KHE about how best to attract publicity for our newest baby. I think most of you have seen it, but just in case someone hasn't:

    Thanks a ton --

  • Posted by bijlani.ritesh on Accepted
    Hi Steve,

    From last few days iam looking over the daily fix.Its great , nice implementation of the ideas , it would really help the people and would do wonders because its fun reading all the docs inside which in turn enhance your knowledge a lot.

    Great , keep rocking people.
  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Author
    Thanks for the comments provided by the above posters. I hope everyone will feel free to add any constructive critiquing that may be on their minds – please don’t hold back. For example, I would like to quickly see which contributor posts or news posts are getting the most commentary. Maybe graphically highlighting the most interactive posts in some way.

    What about others? If you haven’t been to the Daily Fix blog, please check it out right here:

    I’ll leave this open for a while so everyone will have a chance to chime in.

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