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Topic: Taglines/Names

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? Name & Tagline For Wedding & Event Planning Biz

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I have recently joined a partnership for a wedding and event planning business and am needing a name and tag line. We are wanting something edgy and modern. We live in a college town yet not only are there young adults but affluent families as well. We were thinking A`vie Events which is for a lifetime in french but just not sure.

  • Posted on Member
    Name: Ring Masters
    Tag: Because your show is the greatest show on earth to us.

    Why - Ring Masters has a sense of weddings (rings), but also leaves the door open for your alternative promotional needs customers.
  • Posted on Member
    You've got two different potential is the 'kids' getting married, the other is their properous parents. That would mean two different campaigns, one edgy and hip, the other which speaks to affluence and style. You won't need to worry about mixing messages if you keep these separate and target the media outlets that each group frequents.

    The name issue is simple; don't try to incorporate too much into it. Pick a name that means something to you and to sure to check for a domain name (web is very important to marketing these days). But, how about this: Infinite Weddings by XXX (your first name)

    For the first group, try something like: Let us trick out your fantasy wedding!

    For the second: Make your daughter princess for her special day!

    Good luck,
    Debi Brady
    Writing & Marketing Consultant
  • Posted on Member
    I would stay away from the french name.... even though it is semi romantic to say a french name, it may be at best be a neutral.

    How about

    Event for Life...
  • Posted by smile on Member
    Wedding Bells-for your most awiated day
    Special Moments- Because you deserve the best
    Dremz Unlimited- we ensure you savour your dreams
  • Posted on Member
    name: MEMOIRS (memories, in english)
    tagline: turning your dreams into reality

    name: ENCHANT
    tagline: more than just a fairytale
  • Posted by NovaHammer on Member
    Staying with the French theme but words that are used or understood in English also.

    How about FETE? Pronounced Fate _ that which brought wedding couples together perhaps??

    Also FETE is a french word for Celebration or Party.

    It seems to suit both your Wedding and Event needs.

    Tagline suggestion ... The best is yet to come.

    Hope this helps.
  • Posted on Accepted

    For a lifetime in French is: "POUR LA VIE" or POUR L'ETERNITE

    "Memoires" is Memories

    Forever is: "pour Toujours"

    "Forever a Vie" is catchy and trendy.

    It could become:

    "Forever a Vie Events"

    This sounds good. It's trendy. Could be the name of a make up product actually, or a perfume, thinking of perfume:
    "Perfume of Life Events"

    "Parfum de Vie" Events

    Events is "Evenements"

    "Memoires d' evenements Pour La Vie"

    Anyway this is not a lesson in french.



  • Posted on Member
    -Slow DOWN , A`vie will match all the Couples in the TOWN!

    -not only that We creat the BOND but We make The Event You really WANT!

    -A`vie Committed to exceed your expectations ~

    -For those who want the dream? With a wedding cake and some extra cream!

  • Posted on Member
    Sorry, i don't know French, here are my responses...

    when you want to make the most of it

    Your partner in every occasion

    make it memorable

    best wishes,

  • Posted by mbarber on Member
    'Everything Belles and Whistles'

    Should pretty much sum up your pitch to wedding bells and belles and all events under the sun! :-)

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