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I'm Bending The Rules For A Good Cause

Posted by SRyan ;] on 148 Points
Hi, folks!

I encouraged a young fellow to seek help here, and I even fronted him some of my Question points to attract more responses. (Thanks to MarketingProfs Ninja Penny for that!)

Unfortunately, his post "fell off" the main page pretty quickly, so it lost the visibility we all know is important.

Take a minute to check it out:

If you've got any ideas to contribute, that'd be SWELL. Thanks, everyone!

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  • Posted by SRyan ;] on Author
    Looks like Pranjal closed his question today. I was hoping he'd get a couple more responses! Ah, well...
  • Posted by SRyan ;] on Author
    Hi, Karen. I'm awarding you points here, but would you mind sharing your responses on the original question, even though it's closed? Then Pranjal will see the alert. Thanks!

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