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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Need A Store Name Using Words Funky & Fly

Posted by ileis7 on 250 Points
Stylutations all! I have a business "Fly Misses Handbags" and as you guessed handbags is what I sale. A little about me I have a fashion design degree, lived in London for a year studying fashion and have background in fashion editing, production, and design. I don't design the handbags however that is my ultimate goal. I started over a year ago and have done major fashion shows, different events all around the city. Most of my business thrives from online sales and word of mouth however I have decided to take one step closer to my dream which is finding a location where I could set up shop and the public can purchase all they want! My following is growing and I'm tired of "trunk shows". So I have collaborated with a good friend to set up shop. We are having a GRAND OPENING for the NEW YEAR! She is very unique like myself. We have our own style. We are pretty much trend setters! Every woman loves a nice bag. My customers are "Fly" in their own right. My current slogan is: F.M.H bringing style to your fingertips" About her, she makes jewellery (Funky jewellery) and she also does makeup, eyelashes, and eyebrows the name of her business is FUNKY JUNKY! We have to collaborate and come up with a name that is different and catchy! The only this is, is that we have both established a name for ourselves so we want to keep the words "FUNKY & FLY" in our store name. I have come up with a few but I need help on finding something edgy. Can you help??

  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Member
    Stick with Funky & Fly.
  • Posted by ileis7 on Author
    I like Funky & Fly but It sounds like something is missing..anyone?
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    It's late here in Germany; I can't think of anything right now - all I could come up with was "Flunky Clunky" and I really can't imagine that being of any good to you!!!

    Thinking of "Cash for Clunkers" ... "Flashy Flunky"??

    Good night, M
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    I like "Funky & Fly" too. What you need with it is a tagline that gives people some idea what you do and what benefit they can expect when they check you out. Where is your shop located? Who will be your primary target audience?

    Trying to position two different businesses sharing a name/store is a little tricky. Ideally the target audience and the benefit you provide would be the same for both businesses. Otherwise it doesn't make much sense to combine the businesses under one name.
  • Posted by ileis7 on Author
    @mgoodman the shop will be loacted in a discount mall and our primary market is women. The slogans I use for F.M.H has "pazaaz" to them but I have had all creeds and age of women buy a bag. When I do shop for new inventory I make sure I get a variety. So my target is women, as broad as that is.
  • Posted by ileis7 on Author
    For a tag line or slogan I was brainstorming and came up with something like Funky Fly Society & Make-up bar or Got STYLE. Get Fly. Keep it Funky or.. "It's not just a name Experience Funky Fly {E.F.F} pronounced F" ..As you can see I have so many sorry if its messy
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    Your tagline needs to clarify what you're selling and/or for whom. For example: "Fashion For Special Ladies" or "Show Your Style. Love Your Life."

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