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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Need Name & Tagline 4 Ladies Nite Auto Body Repair

Posted by greenscreenresearch on 125 Points
Hello, I am putting together an event at an auto body repair shop, this shop is trying to do some community outreach and has been in business since 1994. The night will consist of master classes teaching women about car care, what to do in case of an accident, how to change a tire,how to change your oil, but we want it to be special for women so we are also having the cutesy cupcakes and appetizers, wine tasting, massages, a few vendors with purses, shoes, door prizes, jazz etc. I was thinking along the lines of the theme color as pink and white and definitely high heels, should be somewhere in the mix. This event is for women of all ages. It is a one night deal that we will do twice a year, and Ladies Night just doesn't seem to be enough with all involved. Any help with this will be appreciated. I need a good name for the night and a good tagline. One that I saw someone else use for their ladies night was "What Women Auto Know", but theirs did not involve the cupcakes and cutesy stuff it was bare bones Car care for Women.

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    Gorgeous Grease Girl Gala
    Car Smarts For Ladies
  • Posted by greenscreenresearch on Author
    Oh I forgot one other thing, the name of the shop is Mims Auto Body Repair
  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Accepted
    Ladies Autopalooza
    Car ExtravaGALza
    Auto Prom

    fun intimate evening with your car
    ladies ready, meet your cars
    a fun date with your car
    prom night with your car
  • Posted by NovaHammer on Member
    Busted-Flat No More

    Ladies With Tools Gone Wild in .....

    Ladies Under The Hood

    Beauty & the Beast of a car..

    HoodWinked No More

    Gear & More for Gals

    XX Night Out (Chomosomes Reference vs men XY)

    MakeUp With Your Car

    AutoExotica Explained for Women

    Hands On Help; For Her-Eyes-Only

    Keep Calm and Carry Tools

    Rubber and Lace Auto Club

    Tooling Around in Public

    Cars Serviced, Women Satisfied

    Her Best One Night Stand Ever

    Jacks & Jills Night With Fixins

    Lots of combinations too...
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    Get your paint on! An evening for girls and their cars

    - how to fix your hair and your car.

    Mim's for mums. What women auto know about.

  • Posted by J. Weiss on Member
    I do like the idea of the girls night out to learn about car repair. The only thing that throws me is that this is an auto body shop. I didn't know they did engine repairs as well?? Regardless, I hope you have fun!
    Here are some suggestions...
    P.S. I do like the "Ladies Autopalooza" from Steve Bryne

    Chicks Can Fix A Car Too!

    Chicks--Learn to Fix Your Car!

    A Girls night out under the hood

    Girls Night---Keep Your Other Chassis Classy

  • Posted by greenscreenresearch on Author
    Hey these are some great responses, we are debating over these names now, thanks so much and we will make a decision soon. @J Weiss, yes we are an auto body shop but we also have some great certified mechanics as well, we are interested in building our presence in the community so you are more likely to need car repair than auto body, but should you just happen to get into an accident (which this is Atlanta, so the chances are very high) we hope that you will take out that handy "what to do in case of an accident kit" with our logo and information on it and give us a call, or tell your wonderful family and friends about us and that wonderful class that you came to at our shop. And there is absolutely no-one doing this in our area and it is so needed.

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