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Negative Attacks

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Dear Forum:

I was recently informed by another MProfs associate that there is a member of our forum who has established a web presence that embraces the philosophy of talking negatively about not only the leadership of MProfs, but also of its members.

You know this person as “Moriarty”. Perhaps aptly named as the negative influence and nemesis of “Sherlock Holmes”.

It seems she has created spreadsheets demonstrating her prowess as a successful marketer of the highest order, while attacking others, whom she feels are of lesser stature.

She has called me the “Forum Dunce”, based solely upon questions I have answered over the years, not on any factual results, based upon those answers. As you know, it is very easy to skew numbers to make one seem better than all the others, which seems to be the tactic here. Drag others down, so you may shine…however so briefly, in the light of your own making. Be careful to not burn your fingers.

I believe all of this vitriol is based upon certain responses of hers, of which I was not in agreement. I admitted also, posted how I felt about her personal attacks on others in the forum. If you have been a member of MProfs for any amount of time, you will know that we have always had friendly disagreements between ourselves, but always about our responses, and never a personal attack.

One question arises, though. If one is, in fact, so brilliant and has a budding, if not otherwise booming marketing practice, how is it possible to post responses in what seemingly come in 24 hours a day?

It would seem that one should take care of one’s own garden, before spreading manure in and around another.

It has been, and continues to be an honor to serve the members of MProfs, as time permits. This site is a jewel insofar as its members helping the literally hundreds of thousands of small and emerging business owners and managers to achieve their business goals.

Over the years, it has also been our honor to be selected to serve as agency of record by several regional and international clients, who began asking questions at MProfs.

Our belief is that our success is measured not by the number of points acquired on a forum, but by the hundreds of companies we have helped and the revenue we have helped our clients to achieve.

If these are indeed the marks of a “Forum Dunce”, I will forever proudly wear the moniker.

Randall Montalbano
Forum Dunce
Marketing Profs

PS: We are not certain of any legal recourse, for such a blatant attack on my business, and me, but our counsel looking into the matter.
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  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    Randall, when you say "She has called me the “Forum Dunce”, based solely upon questions I have answered over the years, not on any factual results, based upon those answers. As you know, it is very easy to skew numbers to make one seem better than all the others"

    The results of that study took a lot of time to generate and covered several hundred questions. If you wish to say that gathering more data means skewing it, that's for you to say. As to removing the questions closed by the moderator, I gave good reason as to why this was done.

    I will remind you that I did you the justice of taking THIRTY questions you had answered. You do not post regularly, and so I took more time to establish a better picture. REMEMBER THAT THESE WERE CLOSED BY THE QUESTIONERS. They were not closed automatically. My study was not intended as an attack - although it's easy to see it from that angle if you lack the self confidence to respond to me directly about this issue.

    Which you have not seen fit to do. I think your legal counsel would first advise this course of action, by the way. It is very interesting to see how people attack with defensive measures ...

  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    Fair enough then. If the moderator wishes to remove me from the forum, they will remove the person that has around 85% of her responses accepted.

    That's not arrogance, that's a plain fact.

    Gain confidence from those things that people tell you you're good at, it helps.

    What would you like me to do about the situation?
  • Posted by vahe on Moderator
    Hello, all. I would ask that we all adhere to the Forum's rules, including treating each other with respect ( Ad hominem "arguments" are not respectful; in the absence of actual respect, ignoring each other for a while may be the best alternative in this case...

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