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Topic: Branding

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Promote My Brand At Gym

Posted by sabya2dj on 50 Points
how can i promote a tea brand at gym spanning over 3 month.

  • Posted by tcgren on Accepted
    Is it your gym (owned) or just one you attend/have a membership?

    Is the tea brand yours? What is its health-related benefits vs the competition?

    If the gym is or isn't yours, a taste offering works well for novel long as it tastes good. Consider giving options how people can sample: hot tea, iced tea, mixed with other fruit juice, etc. but if the gym has its own beverage bar and offer their own selection, they won't want competition.
  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Accepted
    What's the connection between your tea and the gym?
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    Gary has asked the most important question: What's the connection? Are people who train at the gym a prime target audience for the tea? Why? What benefit will they realize from the tea?
  • Posted by saul.dobney on Accepted
    Some point of sale stands, posters. Sponsor a gym event (eg weight loss, most improved fitness, a spinning competition etc). Leaflets with discounts. Tea-tasting or sampling hours or events. T-shirt promotion. Decide on what your objectives are to tune the activities you can do.
  • Posted by sabya2dj on Author
    I want to promote a tea company at gym. My target audience is the a+ or a category people who come gym to loose their wait so i want to show them that i have a tea brand that healthy for you
  • Posted by Veslebert on Accepted
    As said above, you need to find a logic connection between your tea and the objectives of the people who attend the Gym. Talk to the owners to see if they can sell your tea at special price (you giving the tea bags for free to the owner), or sell tea kits for a one-week "treatment".

    As consumers we all distrust the marketing messages with their nice sentences and brilliant ideas. Keeo it simple and close to reality, tangible and real. Let people taste your tea and enjoy it while helping them to keep or lose weight along with the exercise.


  • Posted by soumyapatradream4 on Accepted
    food/drink beverages are something people want to try first,and spending for a trial doesnt make first cotact the gym,try to distribute the tea along with a good communications to the public present there(with all the benifits,where they can find your product,what is the price etc)and definitely you will get some results.
  • Posted by links on Accepted
    You might be able to promote your tea brand indirectly by offering free tea that is available to drink. You wouldn't have to list the tea name on a card or anything like that, but it helps. Also, you can create some custom printed cups for tea and print your logo on them. Several places offer this such as or Make sure you get permission first before doing this.

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