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Single Voice Branding

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I work for an quasi private/public agency and would like to change its logo. I need a better reason besides, "it's ugly!" Already, the graphic image and font have been separated and used differently in multiple applications, which is not good for branding purposes. How do I best explain the concept of single voice branding to my CEO?
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    I think of it as presenting a consistent image across all points of contact with customers/clients. In the short run, you demonstrate professionalism and instill trust. Over time, the consistent imagery and message build brand equity.

    One way to get the idea across to the CEO would be to give examples. Government agencies typically present a consistent logo, for example, that reflect the agency's characteristics. Their logos convey trust, security, power, etc.

    As you understand, your agency's logo should reflect positively as well. Taking it a step forward, you could conduct some research with the current logo to get a better idea about what sort of characteristics your logo conveys. Either show the logo to people and ask how they perceive the agency behind it, or do some comparisons with one or more potential new logos.

    As far as presenting a "single voice" for your brand, examples are everywhere. You can point out how the government agencies ALWAYS use the same logo and colors, for example.

    Consumer goods and service companies routinely develop style guides detailing the exact colors, fonts, and graphics to be used in different situations. AT&T is an extreme example. Have a look at their corporate identity guide here:
    I doubt you have the budget to get THAT extreme, but it's a good demonstration of the concept.

    To see the concept in action, pick any brand or product - Coke, Pepsi, BMW, Tidy Cats, Chicken of the Sea, St. Louis Cardinals, The Lion King, whatever - and look at the packaging, logos, messages, and images.

    You will notice how certain images and other elements (colors, for example) are consistent wherever you look. You can point out to the CEO how that improves the image, looks more professional, and helps people associate the material with the brand.

    By presenting an inconsistent image, you are devaluing the agency, undermining trust others may have in it, and missing an opportunity to increase the agency's effectiveness.

    I hope this helps.

    Bobette Kyle
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    You are welcome. Good luck!

    Bobette Kyle

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