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Posted by milanlimbasiya.03 on 60 Points
I have a business of hardware product. I am exporter of curtain brackets, curtain rod support, and conceal. I have a website also. So please give me tips for choosing right key words for SEO.
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  • Posted by milanlimbasiya.03 on Author
    I am from India
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    Who is your target audience? Where are they? What search terms might they enter for which your product(s) would be a relevant response? (Think like your customer.)

    Don't try to pick keywords that are most relevant for you. Pick keywords that are what a prospective customer would be seeking. (Example: They probably wouldn't be looking for "hardware." It's too broad. Same for "export from India.")

    You need to be very specific, and you probably need a unique landing page for each keyword group, so people are not bombarded with pictures of things that don't answer their needs.
  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Accepted
    You might want to review the Google Keyword Planner.
  • Posted by himalayanmonknepal on Accepted
    u should research keyword using tools keyword planner.
  • Posted by nlytenmedia on Accepted
    You should establish whether you're looking to focus on key words for SEO or SEM. If it's for SEO, your key words shouldn't take much thought. They should accurately name and describe your product(s).

    In your case, key words would possibly include things like "curtain brackets", "curtain rod support", and "concealing curtains". You can further define these with other descriptive key words like "living room", "dining room", "bedroom", "shower", etc.

    Search engines evaluate multiple factors when they rank a page for SEO. Keywords play into a variety of those. Just a few include:

    - Are your keywords in the page title?
    - Are they in the meta description tag?
    - Are they in the meta keywords tag?
    - When people link to your site do they use those keywords in the anchor text?
    - Are you attempting to cheat the system with practices like "keyword stuffing" and hidden text?
    - Do you use other keywords that are synonymous or related that provide greater context to your content?
    - How many other authority sites point to yours with links that contain your keywords and related terms?

    If you're more focused on picking keywords for SEM, then you will want your keywords to match your product / landing pages keywords. For cost effectiveness, you may want to focus on long-tail search phrases to cut down on your cost per click.

    Hope this gives you a good start.

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