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Topic: Branding

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Slogan For Painting Company In San Francisco

Posted by Anonymous on 25 Points
I have recently registered "Fabian's Fine Finishes Painting and decorating" I have a logo already,also business cards i have finally got around to start a website its in the beginning stages but have registered as my domain name However, I am having trouble with a slogan for the company.

I have a few realtors that recommend my services.i have a portfolio of alll interior and exterior painting services My attributes are the following:Clean
thorough, reliable, efficient, detail-oriented. I am not always the cheapest but extremely competitive to capture more business. My customers are always willing to refer me because of their pleasant experience.
lead certified

Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

  • Posted by mgoodman on Moderator
    A few questions, the answers to which will help us do a better job for you:

    Why do you want a slogan? (There is no rule that says every business must have a slogan.)

    Who is the primary target audience for the slogan? What do you want the slogan to communicate? What unique and compelling benefit should a customer expect when he/she hires you?

    Why YOU and not a competitor who is also clean, thorough, reliable, efficient, and detail-oriented?

    What's most important to a client when they hire a painter? Why do they hire a painter? How do they decide which one to hire? What is the most important criterion in their minds?


    I would interview at least 6-8 customers and see what they say about your work, what they would say to a friend, what criteria they used when they chose a painter, etc. Especially note the words they use, because [some of] those words should probably be in your slogan.
  • Posted by Jim Greenway on Accepted
    I believe you have already come up with your slogan. You have mentioned clean, thorough, reliable, efficient and detailed oriented. I mean those are the things I would look for if I was looking for a painter. If you are mostly working on residential then you could work your attributes into your slogan. Something like:

    Making your home beautiful inside and out.
    Clean, Thorough, Reliable, Detailed Oriented Painting Services.

    I mean you could rework the statement in different ways but your attributes are your strengths and I would use those in your slogan.

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