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How To Check How Many Links Read Google Daily

Posted by kingslydavid4592 on 125 Points
Hi,Am i doing SEO, Regularly am Posting 40 links per day, How to check how many links Read by google per day and how to check lost links, Is there any Free Tool please comment below.
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  • Posted by Peter (henna gaijin) on Accepted
    To see what links the Google Bot has scanned, you can use the Google Search Console - You need to have a Google account to use, and then will be required to prove that you are the owner of the URL you are trying to track (usually done by installing a small piece of code they give you to the root directory of your web site).

    Note - scanning of pages by Google bot is not instantaneous. Can take up to a few days before Google categories your pages.
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    hi Peter, appreciate your answer, is there any other way to check it?
  • Posted by mktg on Member
    Testing this
  • Posted by priyadm18 on Accepted
    In search console : The data displays content that Google bot discovered and crawled during its crawling process. If a page on your site is blocked with robot.txt, links to that page won’t be listed here. A total count of these pages is available in the Crawl section of Search Console on the "Blocked URLs (robot.txt) tab."
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