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Any Seo Tips After Upgrading Old Website Design?

Posted by pushpraj.verma on 125 Points

I recently upgrade my company website design and content. I would like to know what changes I kept in mind while creating SEO strategy for that. Is that right idea to go with Adwords at first or I can start with manual SEO offpage.

Please help me to apply right strategy for my newly designed website.
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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Do you have baseline analytics for the old design to prove that the upgrade "works"?
    Have you tested conversions on the new design yet? If not, do so before you start paying for traffic that may not convert.
    Organic SEO is better long-term, but takes awhile to gain traction. Until then, paid traffic will give you quick feedback.
  • Posted by alexa on Accepted
    If you didn't take SEO into consideration before your redesign, you may have to start from scratch. Hopefully, your new design loads quickly and is responsive to mobile devices. That's a good place to start, but it's only a start.

    If you don't know how SEO works, you'll probably want to speak with an expert. There's a lot that goes into it and quite frankly, it's hard. If you can't afford to hire someone, start here:

    AdWords is separate from SEO. It's a quick way to get listed in search, but if your ads aren't optimized, they won't convert and that's just a waste of money.
  • Posted by Peter (henna gaijin) on Accepted
    I think you are confusing two different, but similar, terms.

    AdWords does not affect SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in any meaningful way. Adwords and SEO have similar goals, but achieve it by different means:

    AdWords is paid advertising next to searches on search engines, plus on other pages that search engines provide ads for, and achieves the goal of bringing traffic to the page.

    SEO is the process of modifying your page so that it is found in more searchs on search engines, which also achieves the goal of increasing traffic to pages. Many people look at SEO as "free" traffic, but the reality is that there are costs to set up your site to be SEO friendly, and as mentioned before, really needs to be done as part of a site redesign (you can't really create a site and then later go back and optimize it - doing so missing many of the best SEO practices like putting keyword names in the URLs).
  • Posted by tmtaba11 on Accepted
    I agree with Peter's statements. These two are different but similar terms. Adwords includes paid services.

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  • Posted by xtreemsolutionco on Accepted
    Upgrading a website can be motivated by a number of factors: take to your mind with sharp thinking and creating original and latest which to content .the need to incorporate new social media tools, implementing an updated internet marketing strategy, launching a new brand or visual identity, upgrading the website technology (such as a new Content Management System (CMS), and so on.

    Here are some most common type you need to keep in mind when you undertake a website rebuild:
    1.Change URL
    2.Alter website layout
    3.Impediment good content
    4.Understand to marketing strategy
    5.User experience
    6. Consultant with good SEO
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