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Google Rankbrain's Effect On Content Marketing

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Ranking in Google prior to Hummingbird was based on longtail keywords, backlinks, and it seemed people stumbled onto profitable experiments.

Ranking for parent phrases by serving user's search intent, which now ranks you for thousands of longtail keywords wasn't a concept yet, my question is what is required of blog content in B2B and B2C for it to generate links, drive traffic and conversions?

I know the old way that everyone does keyword stuffing, making it sheerly promotional and ill planned content does not convert, bring you more website traffic or leads.

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    Ultimately, Google is attempting to find content that people see as valuable and weed out sites that are attempting to beat the current algorithm. The best advice is still true: write information that is unique, validated, timely, and targeted to your target audience. This will result in organic traffic, links, and conversations.

    Or, pay for (inorganic) search traffic to quickly get your information to prospects. If your content is great, then this could turn into organic traffic over time.
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    What are you currently using to drive results?
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    Tips for Digital Marketing strategy

    Digital marketing strategy looks very fancy word when we talk about the promotion of any product and services.

    Yes, it is hard to believe that marketers are using this strategy form 2000’s century to sell their stuff.

    In the 2000s of the century, we had no fast internet, smartphones apps, Facebook ads, and Google ads.

    But still, we were using the digital marketing strategy by using the offline channel like radio, television ads etc.

    Digital marketing was born with the invention of the radio and television.

    This day and day is becoming famous.

    Nowadays 80% of marketers like to promote their product and services by this technique.

    Let’s talk about it.

    if you want to know quickly “What is the digital marketing strategy” and its type please take a look at below infographic.

    digital marketing strategy - SEO Vieal Strategy

    What is Digital Marketing strategy?
    Digital Marketing Strategy is the revolutionary way to promote your product over the digital resources in this digital world.

    Technology is changing very fast day by day and there are some the requirements to manage the things. So we adopt the digital resources which help us to control and manage the technology with time.

    There are many experts who have well defined “What is digital marketing?” like Neil Patel and Wikipedia.

    I have also tried to define it an easy way so that you can easily keep remembering.

    Digital Marketing Strategy - SEO Viral Strategy

    Digital Marketing Definition
    Digital Marketing is the marketing strategy to promote your product with digital resources.

    Before starting it, we should need to understand what is marketing and its all key factors such as segmentation, targeting, positioning, needs, and consumer requirements etc

    It is categorized into two strategies, online marketing strategy, and offline marketing strategy.

    What are the types of digital marketing?
    As we discussed above it is categorized into two parts which are online marketing and offline marketing.

    Both are important and have their specific role.

    What is online marketing?
    The Internet is the easiest way to reach out the people. It also helps to interconnect with people and stretch the targeted area.

    We can reach out the globally to promote our product to different people of the different country by using internet marketing.

    Online Marketing is the technique used to promote product and services over the internet. It can be coved wide range area for targeting.

    it is also known as inbound marketing and internet marketing.

    this technique can deliver multiple benefits such as wide range of targeting, potential Growth, reduce risk, better controls and improve customer services.

    There are various types of Online Marketing strategies, listed below.

    Social Media Marketing (SMM)
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Search engine Marketing (SEM)
    Email Marketing
    Content Marketing
    Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)
    Affiliate Marketing
    We have a separate article about internet marketing and e-marketing so we are just giving an overview of it.

    What is Offline Marketing?
    Some marketers prefer other media channel which is not connected globally or World Wide Web. These channels are offline. Offline marketing strategy is the technique which uses the offline channel to awareness of their products and services like billboards, pamphlets, radio, and television etc.

    This technique is also known outbound marketing.

    Small and large companies use offline marketing to create the buzz of their product and services. This strategy is mainly used to the foothold in the local community locally or nationally.

    These are some small and large company which uses offline marketing- Trivago, GoDaddy, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Samsung mobile, and Sony for their life goods.

    There is some offline marketing strategy, listed below-

    Print advertising
    Television ads
    Radio marketing
    Why digital marketing matters?
    The most important fact is 80% of consumers go online to do research about business. So if you have the business. There are need to manage online reputation.

    72% marketers believe that traditional marketing is not sufficient to grow the business.

    There are few drawbacks of traditional marketing, listed below.

    You can’t track your audience.

    You are fulfilling the need of the audience or not, you can’t know.

    How many conversions are you getting? You will not have the idea.

    The major thing, you have to sign the contract with Advertising Company and if you are not getting the conversion or benefits then you have to stay with them till you contract time will not complete.

    But digital marketing has no these drawback and have some important benefits such as-

    You can track your audience.

    What are the actual requirements of the consumer or audience?

    How much conversion, you are getting.


    If you are not getting the conversion or profits, you can recycle your strategy.

    There is no need to sign any contract with anyone. That is why Digital Marketing is very important and profitable than traditional marketing.

    Nowadays if you are not using digital marketing to your products and services that’s means you have started the business but not telling anyone about your business.

    Digital Marketing tips and tricks 2018
    The right goal, the right strategy, the right shot can help you to win.

    There are many tips to do Digital Marketing in a proper way. Few of them I’m listing below-

    Positioning as authority.
    Share high-quality contents.
    Optimize website and to do proper SEO.
    Obliquity: To be available everywhere.
    Always be capturing the lead.
    Create Relationship with the audience.
    Try to attract the audience mentally and emotionally.
    Measured the result then recycle your strategy for improvements.
    We hope this informative articles helped you to learn What is the digital marketing strategy.
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