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How Can I Increase The Organic Search Traffic?

Posted by samajseo2018 on 250 Points
I am attempting certain off-page activities on our site Samajinfotech and wanna generate more organic traffic on our site. Kindly suggest me some good methods through which I can generate good organic traffic on our site.
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  • Posted by chiron34 on Accepted
    Before I respond to the task you have posted, could I ask if you have undertaken the basic analysis of your situation that has an effect on your overall profitability and cash flows. Can you identify in specific terms

    Who is your primary target audience?
    What is the product/service you provide that will satisfy their ‘pain’ or needs?
    What is the primary benefit they can expect or gain from dealing with you?
    How are you better than your competitors?
    Why are you better than your competitors?

    There are many activities and methods you can undertake to generate more organic traffic to your site. But before I address that point, there is a more fundamental point that you must consider. It is one thing to get visitors to click into your website. It is quite another to hold them on your site once you get them there. So before you start any campaign through off-site promotional activities, you need to assure yourself that your website content is of sufficient integrity and usefulness to hold the visitors interest. This is probably a subjective decision or analysis, but it is an issue that you should disregard at your peril.

    If you have a big enough budget and the traffic you can expect will be worth it on a cost/benefit analysis, there is no reason not to use traditional advertising (broadcast and print) or AdWords and their equivalents with other search engines.

    In relation to ‘off your own website’ activities, the most practical way to generate organic traffic is to use the SEO system more effectively. I am conscious of your core business and don’t want to be ‘telling Grandma how to suck eggs’, but if I was in your situation and had reviewed my website content, I would develop a social media campaign where you can post relevant material in a strategic way in different platforms.

    Post about specific aspects of the help you have given your clients in the past (brief case studies).
    Post lists of things for prospective clients to think about that may encourage them to check you out more closely.
    Share relevant articles on Medium, LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora and similar platforms.
    In similar vein, do some research to find some authority links on non-competitive topics that might be useful to your prospective clients, thus showing your helpful side and post them in strategic locations.
    Post Q and A information of a useful nature on the strategic platforms.
    Create content others can use/post and contact bloggers and experts with an offer for them to use it without conditions.
    Explore opportunities for guest posting, article posting, forum submissions and like, etc.

    Last point: To increase organic site traffic, the Golden Rule is to give your clients what they need: quality information, effective advice, and practical, believable and logical insight.

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Your target audience appears to be quite specific: companies looking for third parties to develop apps for them. Given that, your goal is twofold: 1) proven roi of your services and 2) comparative proof of your skills. Both are accomplished by well-written case studies which document your approaches.
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    You have certainly received a wealth of great advice in the posts above. Read them carefully and take the advice they offer to heart.
  • Posted by grill2018madonna on Member
    Search Engine Optimization helps to boost the traffic of your website and also make your website rank higher in all the Search Engine Platform. There are many off-page SEO techniques through which you can increase your website traffic by getting high-quality backlinks. Off-Page SEO Techniques are: Guest Posting, Blog Commenting, Forum Submission, Directory Submission, etc.
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