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Explaining The Value Of Branding For Workers

Posted by hans on 500 Points
I wonder if anybody could recommend a presentation focused on explaining the value of Branding. Target group for presentation is industrial workers with no experience of branding. It has to be easy to clearly understand. Best regards Hans
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  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    I have created a number of presentations that deal with the value of branding. The difference(s) between them are mostly based on (a) the target audience, (b) why I want them to understand (and the desired action), and (c) the industry or discipline they all have in common.

    Further, the examples used in these presentations need to be current, so people can relate to the "lesson" and actually *experience* branding and its impact. We often have to overcome a belief that branding is some kind of "flim-flam marketing tool" based on deceiving people or lying to them in order to get them to buy a product. (Of course this isn't true, but we need to recognize that the misconception is fairly widespread.)

    Why are you presenting to this group of industrial workers? What is the desired outcome?

    Some of the points you will want to make are in the MarketingProfs Small-Business Seminar series here: .

    Good luck! Let us know how it goes.
  • Posted by hans on Author
    Hi mgoodman,
    Tanks for your reply on my question. I have looked on the headlines for the seminar you refer to, thanks for this. I will watch these. But they are not aimed for this target group I would just like to have a base to present what Branding are and not being so detailed and specific as position. I just will refer with two-three sentences concerting headlines like this. The aim is just to show people working in a company producing ready made lunch dishes what branding is. It's very basic, the target group don't know anything about branding and the goal is to give them a basic ground so that they will understand what it means with branding, it's values and how it can contribute to make the company to grow further and to keep clients loyal and why it's important for them to understand that their work is of great value in the branding chain. I hope that gives some more background. I have never thought that branding should be any kund of flimflam marketing. I have been working with branding for many companies through the years as IKEA, Volvo, Nestlé group, H&M to mention some. But now it's more than 10 years ago and I'am looking for the basic aimed at this target group. When it comes to speak and present for people working within marketing and sales I do that from time to time and I have many sources on this level. Now it's the real basic level. Best regards Hans
  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Accepted
    For this group, it's probably enough to tell them that branding, as it connects to lunch dishes, equates to the consumer's experience of using the dishes: that the consumer knows that the dish won't chip, or crack, or scratch and that the dish will look as good five years from now as it did when they bought it. That the name of the company producing the dish equals quality, durability, and commitment to producing a lasting product.
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    Can you share what the motivation is for the presentation? Is this one of many presentations that management is sharing with staff? What do you want staff to walk away knowing and doing differently? Is this a live presentation or are you looking for a video/article that people can watch/read at their leisure?
  • Posted by Mike Steffes on Member
    So, you do not want to develop this presentation. You want to purchase or download an existing presentation?
    At this level, all you need to say is, "Our Brand is what people think when they hear our company name." And, "Everything employees do to make great products contributes to people thinking good things about our Brand. Everything we do develops our Brand."
  • Posted by hans on Author
    Hi Jay,
    Thanks for your reply and interest in my question.
    It's to describe for employees that never thinks of brands in terms of how it works, they know what a brand is for ex. IKEA. But what it that makes it interesting. If you think of the slides where You see the same types of water bottles without label and on the next slide you see the same bottles but with labels and the discussion starts of what the label expresses despite the fact the water is the same in each bottled in despite of brand label.
    Why is Perrier more worth and more expensive than the local food retail chains own water?
    No this is the only one regarding what makes a brand more worthy. So it's to show with pictures mostly that gives a direct feeling on how we react to a brand and what it's known for. They shall have an understanding on what builds the brand and how important their contribution is to get and withhold a strong brand that makes it more interesting of belonging to that brand. To share brand vision and live it in work and what you produce but to understand that one has to start with why a brand not just the understanding that a brand is a name, logo and so forth.
    It will be a live presentation.
    With regards
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Hans - How large an audience? No doubt your audience already understands the value of a brand, but they've likely never had to look at things from the inside-out. If you can create an interactive environment, start by asking them about their product/service choices. Then have them imagine someone is potentially interested in your products/services. How would they know that yours' is best? Such a presentation is more likely to "stick," since people will be contributing, not simply listening.
  • Posted by hans on Author
    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for your kind reply to y question.
    If you read my comment to Jay's answer and comments you may see that I already has that line but to really understand it with a educational touch I'am looking for a presentation as one containing examples as written in my comment to Jay.
    Best regards Hans

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