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Questions About The Marketing And Promotional Acti

Posted by s3637302 on 125 Points
I am a student and am currently doing a marketing and promotion report on Rip Curl in Australia. I think Rip Curl is more suitable to adopt membership system and full-sale promotions to help them attract more loyal customers and increase their international reputation. Do you agree with my point of view, thanks for the comment.
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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    It's your homework. What do you think - and what research have you done to back up your thinking? We won't do your homework, but we can help you with your thinking.
  • Posted by 2248675462 on Accepted
    Membership is a common way for many companies, but it is not the best way. If you want to increase sales, you'd better develop some potential customers. You can consider other activities. This is your homework. We hope to help you, but you need to find your own way.

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