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Updating Bad Tagline For Sales Training Course

Posted by zmartin on 250 Points
We have a professional sales training course, it is over 15 years old. The new instructor is expanding the course focus on experience level to include beginners through intermediate and also the integration of digital tools, social media, and the internet.

The existing tagline is "Conquer your market", I haven't been able to think of anything, and the new instructor prefers something sports related.
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  • Posted by mgoodman on Moderator
    A few questions:

    Who is the primary target audience? What industries/markets will you serve? What is the name of the course? Is it the same as the name of your company?

    What compelling and unique benefit can your customers expect when they do what you want them to do? Why do you feel you need a tagline? What is the objective of your tagline? How will you select a winning tagline when we come up with a short list of good taglines? What are your criteria?

    A related thought:

    A sports-related tagline runs the risk of alienating or excluding some folks. Find out WHY the new instructor wants a sports-related tagline. Is it to suggest "winning." or is it a dog-whistle to discourage women and non-sports-fanatics from taking the course? Maybe there's a way to accomplish the objective without requiring a sports connection.

    Finally, who is the primary competition? What kinds of taglines do they use?
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    Could you expand the existing tagline to convey "new and improved?" For example, "Conquer your Digital Market"
  • Posted by zmartin on Author
    Name of the course: Sales Force Development
    We serve Restoration Businesses and provide professional training and consulting
    The unique benefit of the class is fundamental sales behaviors, understanding and utilizing social media, and industry-specific strategies to target common targets in the industry.

    All of our professional training programs have a name and a tagline, for example, some others are Management Development Program "Be Prepared to Lead the Field," Restoration Project Management "Command the Chaos," Restoration Estimating "Win More Often," Business Planning Retreats "Chart Your Course to Success," Vioand's Executive Summit "Unleash Peak Performance".

    He mentioned sports, more specifically racing imagery, to push the idea of competition and winning. This is not essential though, just suggested as a direction.

    We are a very niche company by focusing on only restoration businesses between 2-40 Mil in revenue, there are other consulting and executive coaching type companies in the restoration space, but we are the only one that offers professionally focused training. The others are technically focused.

    As background, I started in Feb 20 just before COVID. They have had the same marketing materials between 10-15 years for most classes. Additionally, most were designed and for professionals that would have been in the BB generation, but recently those owners have given away to a younger generation. I felt what the brochures communicated was very late 90's ethos with very cookie-cutter corporate professional verbiage, but which has come to feel dated. I have recently tried to update brochures like Restoration Estimating to "Better Estimates = Faster Payments" and Management Development to "Leaders are NOT Born, Leaders are Made" to connect more to the benefit of the class with the tagline and give a view into the solution is provides.

    Your taglines would be judged by the ability to communicate the connection between the effectiveness of growing sales through implementing proven sales habits and incorporating digital prospecting techniques. As you can tell most of our original taglines were use the same type of competitive, winning, and performance type imagery. The founder in the past pushed for the tagline and the imagery connecting under the abstract idea of competition and winning, especially originally with "Conquer the Market". The new Estimating tagline was a successful move away from the general abstract concept of winning towards a more benefit-focused tagline, which is where I am heading with this question.

    Sports imagery isn't required, the winning and competition angle it seems to be a generational default when any branding questions come up. Below is the first sentence of the overview,

    'Overhauled to provide value for new and experienced sales professionals by fusing traditional sales behaviors with innovative digital prospecting methods."

    I hope this helps, thank you for your questions.
  • Posted by Mike Steffes on Accepted
    This seems to capture your modern, slightly softer, less in-your-face strategy:

    Sales Force Development
    "Netting Market Share Online"
  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Accepted
    "Know your market" is better than "Conquer your market". We would require much more information to provide better options.
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    Would you consider a tagline that might be great for a year or two (versus 5-10 years)? Maybe something that references "pandemic and post-pandemic" services.
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Here are a few taglines for consideration:
    "Follow the Leaders"
    "Insightful Best-in-Class Strategies"
    "Laser-Focused Successful Strategies"
  • Posted by Shelley Ryan on Moderator
    Hi Everyone,

    I am closing this question since there hasn't been much recent activity.

    Thanks for participating!


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