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Brainstorm Company Name

Posted by Alissa_Goodwin on 250 Points
I am looking for help/advice for a company name. I can't use my name as I have another practice and need to keep them separate for legal reasons. This is for a coaching business. I focus on people who are experiencing burnout in their careers and life and would like to take action. Eventually I'd like to take a well-rounded approach and partner with other wellness services (fitness, nutrition, massage, etc).
Thank you!
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  • Posted by mgoodman on Moderator
    It will help if you can define your target audience more precisely. Where are they? What kind of work are they doing now? How much work experience do they have?

    Then we need to understand how your services will benefit them. What unique and compelling benefit can they expect when they retain you? What other options do they have? Who is your competition (in-kind and not-in-kind)?

    What are your qualifications? Why might a qualified prospect select YOU to counsel/coach them?
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    Please answer Michael's important questions (above).

    Also, are you looking for a name that articulates the pain ("The Burnout Coach") or the aspirational ("The Change-Your-Job Coach") or the generic ("The Change Coach") or something else?
  • Posted by Alissa_Goodwin on Author
    Good questions. My target audience/ideal client is mid-life (40-50) in a lucrative, high stress career (mostly tech in my location). All the the boxes of what "should" be making them happy are checked but there remains a lack of purpose and fulfillment, and a loss of what to do about it.

    I help people co-create an action plan to decrease stress and burnout by turning up the volume on self-care, clarity, productivity and balance.

    My credentials... I have a graduate degree in psychology and private therapy practice and while I can use my degree as means to build credibility, I cannot use my psychotherapy license to position me as an expert in coaching.
    This is also a second career for me. I transitioned after a prolonged burnout in the finance industry.
  • Posted by Alissa_Goodwin on Author
    Hi Jay,
    I would want to articulate the pain point. I thought of the "burnout coach", which can be part of a tagline. People can get burned out with their jobs but in other areas, too.
    The main theory I draw upon in a coaching role is Positive Psychology.
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    Is "recharge" (or "refresh") the opposite of "burnout?"

    It's usually better to focus on the positive result than on the problem. People will remember the pain, and associate it with you, if you give them the words.
  • Posted by timo kruskopf on Accepted
    Aligned with mgoodman: recharge a good term.
    Some other you might try out
    career energizing (camp/workout/training...)
    ...add location to this, like Arizona Career Energizing Camp
  • Posted by Mike Steffes on Member
    Reboot and Rebuild
    "Put Your Life Onto Your Track"

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