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Using Branding In Achieving Growth In Fintech

Posted by economist2010 on 25 Points
How can I use branding in achieving growth in the FinTech space?

There is a FinTech provider that is the second in the market. The market leader has succeed in building an awareness for its mobile wallet. The gap between the second and the first operator is huge in terms of awareness, availability, trust in the market.

I am suggesting in best positioning the wallet of second operator and focusing on its competitive advantages of having all services all in one and it is totally secured, and that you can cashout your money from our stores that covers all the country.

I also wanted to have a brand positioning statement that the customers cannot manage without this wallet and it is necessary for them especially in the digital era.

Another thing is that and in order to increase visibility in the market, I recommend to employ a celebrity actor to communicate the message. But I am not sure if the management will be convinced with investing in this.
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