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Creating Mobile Pages With Amp

Posted by zinckemorireoluwa986 on 25 Points
Experienced colleagues, I’m a beginner in SEO field and I don’t quite understand how exactly the AMP technology works ? How does AMP speed up loading ? If it`s not difficult for you, please share an interesting materials, examples and cases.
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  • Posted by rdrenardl13 on Member
    This technology based on HTML code tags optimization and exclusion of banners and various designs that slow down tge loading process. It means, we just remove all the superflous, but leave everything we need. In this way we faciliate the construction and the loading is accelerated.If you want to delve further into this topic, you need to read a few articles. In order to understand how to optimize sites with AMP try to read this reasearch
    And then practice on the example of this case that based on blog and news site
  • Posted by info on Member
    Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open-source project that aims to make the mobile web better by providing a framework for building content pages that consistently load fast. AMP pages are typically 10x faster than their non-AMP counterparts, and they can be displayed in Google Search results with a special "AMP" badge.

    To create an AMP page, you can use a variety of tools and frameworks. Some popular options include:

    The AMP HTML library: This is the official AMP library, and it provides all the necessary markup and JavaScript code to create AMP pages.
    AMP Boilerplate: This is a starter project that includes all the necessary files and folders to get you started with AMP development.
    AMP for Jekyll: This is a plugin for the Jekyll static site generator that makes it easy to create AMP pages.
    AMP for WordPress: This is a plugin for the WordPress content management system that makes it easy to create AMP pages.

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